New Cocktail Bar, Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less), Opens in Phoenix

New Barter & Shake concept Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) aims to be more than just a bar. Located on the southeast corner of Indian School Road and 27th Street, this new bar is designed to be a place with an inviting atmosphere, exceptional service and innovative cocktail creations.  

Taking inspiration from a common catchphrase in the service industry, Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) is a spot that aspires to be the go-to spot for workers to get some respite and relaxation with a handcrafted drink after a long shift.

“‘Say Less’ is more than just a name; it’s our mantra. It represents our commitment to understanding your needs without you having to say much, offering a personalized experience for each guest,” says Mat Snapp, executive vice president of operations of Barter & Shake. 

The goal behind Say Less is that this concept can serve as a space where “bartenders know exactly what their patrons want, where friends gather without needing to plan and where relaxation is guaranteed.” 

Taking the place of a local favorite, Shady’s Fine Ales and Cocktails, Arizonans can still expect the concept to have a casual, welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. Visit the bar’s Instagram to get more of a feel for the concept’s local hangout vibe. 

This new concept by Barter & Shake Cocktail Entertainment will feature a wide variety of signature, handcrafted cocktails, including “Writer’s Block,” a rum drink with hints of citrus from guava, grapefruit and lime, and “Nick the Accountant,” which is the customer’s choice of vodka or gin paired with strawberry, coriander, bergamot and lemon and topped with club soda. Sunny’s Lounge will also offer classic cocktails, like mojitos, mai tais and more, as well as select beer and wine. 

Barter & Shake is a Phoenix-based operator and consulting group based that creates award-winning cocktail bars around the Valley, like Century Grand and UnderTow. One of their concepts was recently announced as the 2023 “Best U.S. Cocktail Bar” by the industry-acclaimed 2023 Tales Spirited Awards.

Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) is located at 2701 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix.

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Photos courtesy Sunny’s Lounge (Say Less) and photographer Grace Stufkosky

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