Meet Maddi and Her Company: Arizona Charcuterie

Last weekend, I worked my side job as a bartender for private events and bachelorette parties in Scottsdale. I heard a knock on the door, and in front of me was Maddi Morris holding the most beautiful charcuterie boards I had ever seen.

I immediately knew I had to showcase her talent and “artwork,” I mean, seriously, these boards are a piece of art. I hope you all get to witness these beautiful boards for your events and/or private parties. Enjoy!

Hi Madison, please tell me a little bit about Arizona Charcuterie! How did it all get started? 

Arizona Charcuterie is my special little side business! I have been making beautiful charcuterie boards for years just for friends and family gatherings. My husband and I recently relocated from Alaska to Scottsdale, so I decided to share my love for food and fellowship with others by starting a business! My purpose in life is making people feel loved and food is a wonderful way to love people. 

What made you move out here to Scottsdale from Alaska?

On our first date, we talked about our dreams of moving. We went on a desert road trip two years ago and got engaged in Sedona. We fell in love with Scottsdale while passing through. We finally decided to pack all our belongings into his truck and move in January!

Was this a passion project that has now turned into a business?

Absolutely! Those are the best kind of businesses!

What kinds of charcuterie boards can individuals order? Are there cheese, fruit, and desert boards?

I offer my signature huge charcuterie boards which include meats, artisan cheeses, fresh fruits, and sweets. They’re massive and yes, you can keep the wooden board! I also do custom orders upon request! Customers can request fruit trays, girly dessert boards, and holiday-themed platters! I’m up to create absolutely anything!

Are the boards made to order? They are so pretty to look at. Can you tell me a little bit about how you “make” one of these boards? How long does it take?

I make everything an hour before I deliver it so it’s super fresh! I like to shop the day of or the day before to get the freshest ingredients. The Old town Scottsdale farmers market is always my go-to for local vendors and unique treats to add to my boards! I stay up at night dreaming of how I can organize my boards and make them beautiful!

What do the boards usually cost?

$200 is the price of my signature, big boards. They feed around 8! Smaller ones for 1-2 people are $100. And we can go as big as you’d like! I’ve made a charcuterie TABLE before that could feed a village! The bigger the budget the more creative I can get!

Where and how can people order these boards for themselves or events?

Shoot me a DM on my Instagram @arizonacharcuterie! with what you’d like and the date of your event! I’m always excited to get new orders! I’m even happy to deliver to the Scottsdale area! I want to make your event come to life!

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