Gluten-Free Pizza at NYPD

Gilbert’s NYPD Pizza is now making it possible for those in need of a gluten-free diet to enjoy its tasty ‘za.  In partnership with Connecticut supplier, Still Riding Pizza, NYPD Pizza is now offering a selection of various gluten-free 12-inch pies. Customers can indulge in NYPD’s signature pizzas, like the Brooklyn Family or Fran’s Favorite. They can also create custom pizzas, as well, with a variety of toppings. 
One such group that should avoid gluten is those who suffer from Celiac Disease. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, one out of every 133 people in the United States is affected with Celiac Disease, 97 percent of which go undiagnosed. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye. Since it is a chronic disorder, the only treatment for Celiac Disease is the adherence to a lifelong gluten-free diet.
The better serve those with such disorders, Gilbert NYPD Pizza location is equipped with a separate oven, dedicated exclusively to baking gluten-free pizzas. In addition to this cross-contamination precaution, NYPD Pizza will be strictly adhering to the guidelines outlined and overseen by Still Riding Pizza including, using a clean and dedicated cutter and having a separate topping station specifically for preparing gluten-free pizzas. The gluten-free pizzas are available at NYPD Pizza in Gilbert at this time. 211 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert.

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