Coffee Inspired Tea? Celebrate National Coffee Day with Teaspressa

National Coffee Day is September 29, and let’s face it, we all love coffee. To celebrate this foodie holiday, try a healthy alternative to coffee that is rivaling our love for traditional espresso: Teaspressa’s “coffee inspired tea.”

For National Coffee Day, Teaspressa, a Phoenix-based company, is offering 20% off all of its products sold online at

Enter code COFFEEDAY. The discount is available Sunday, Sept. 27- Oct. 4 on Teaspressa’s website. 

Say goodbye to your old school cup of Joe this National Coffee Day and stir things up with “coffee-inspired tea” from Teaspressa. Teaspressa is the first and only healthy alternative to traditional coffee and tea…Teaspressa contains as much caffeine as a traditional espresso shot, but provides you with all of the health benefits of traditional tea blends, resulting in “coffee-inspired tea.”

Featured on Shark Tank in 2016, Teaspressa’s “coffee inspired tea” Signature Tea Blends are artisan loose leaf, handcrafted tea blends authentically sourced from tea farms around the world to create an elegant infusion of both the tea and coffee worlds. 

Coffee lovers appreciate the robust body and the clean, long-lasting energy without the jitters or crash that can follow coffee; Tea enthusiasts appreciate the full, exquisite flavors extracted from the tea leaves and the health benefits offered by each tea variety.

Teaspressa’s barista-inspired recipes can also be made at home, quickly and easily, with its Signature Tea Blends and flavor products.  

To celebrate National Coffee Day, Teaspressa is offering 20% off all products purchased online at, including its Signature Tea Blends and at-home brewing starter sets.

The discount is valid on Teaspressa’s website 9/27-10/4. Use the promo code COFFEEDAY at checkout.

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