Chill Out: The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Phoenix

With the Valley experiencing spikes in heat as July sets in, cool off with a creamy treat from 10 of the best ice cream shops in Phoenix. From classic favorites to modern new takes on tasty treats, there’s options for every ice cream lover. Try every flavor or stick to what you know. 

Enjoy guilt-free with new takes on how to make ice cream healthy using fresh, specially-sourced ingredients. Float it, shake it or scoop it, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy a cool creamy treat this summer. From the heart of Phoenix to the historical Old Town district of Scottsdale, residents can find delicious relief all over the Valley. 

Check out some of our favorite scoop shops in the Valley below.


5223 N. Central Ave. — Phoenix

Made with loads of love and real fresh ingredients, Churn ice cream knows the tastiest treats are always made from simple, fresh ingredients. Offering cones, floats, sundaes and shakes, there’s something for everyone at Churn. Located in the heart of Phoenix, this sweet spot is the perfect pit stop after a bite out.


6137 N. Scottsdale Road — Scottsdale 

A creation of Alice Handel’s in the heat of the summer back in 1945, Handel’s graces the Valley with its sweet legacy here at the Scottsdale location. Menu offerings are made fresh in-store, just like the good old days, with over 45 flavors to choose from. Enjoy classics from Bananas Foster to Blueberry Cobbler and more.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

7051 E. Fifth Ave. — Scottsdale 

Founded by Jeni Britton over 20 years ago, Jeni’s sets a new standard for what ice cream should taste like. With a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body your taste buds will be screaming for seconds. Jeni’s flavors aren’t just about taste, they’re inspired by curiosities like art, history and pop culture, to give you an experience while you eat.

Lix Uptown Ice Cream

3343 N. 7th Ave. — Phoenix

Enjoy a serendipitous experience at Lix Uptown Ice Cream where only good vibes are allowed in the kitchen. With rotating flavors, you’re sure to experience something new each time you step into the shop’s bubbly atmosphere.

Novel Ice Cream 

1028 Grand Ave #6 — Phoenix

Novel is a contemporary ice cream shop serving up small-batch handcrafted ice cream in a dozen flavors. The shop’s ice cream chef carefully crafts every recipe specifically for each individual flavor without the use of additives or processed stabilizing. Novel’s mission is to change the way communities eat and feel this nostalgic treat, by giving ice cream lovers a fresh new experience.


4700 N. Central Ave., Suite 105 — Phoenix

Say hello to Scooptopia, home of the best Filipino desserts! Treat yourself to halo-halo, taho, ube ice cream, boba tea and more. Scooptopia is your one-stop shop for all things sweet. Take advantage of sweet deals Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $4 ice creams!

Skoop Premium Ice Cream

7113 E. 1st Ave. — Scottsdale 

Go guilt-free with a sweet treat from Skoop, where every flavor is made with all-natural, whole, organic and non-GMO ingredients. Who knew delicious could come without a cost as Skoop’s mission is to bring soul into their ice cream through the combination of creation with the use of outstanding ingredients. Skoops compiles their ingredients with care, such as choosing dairy from cows raised in pastures full of pesticide-free, organic grasses that are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor

4005 N. Scottsdale Road — Scottsdale 

An iconic stomping ground of Scottsdale since 1958, the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor dishes out tasty treats to tourists and locals alike. Soak in the nostalgia while enjoying classic creamy creations in their authentic 1950s soda fountain seats. Placed on Scottsdale’s Historic Preservation Register, Sugar Bowl has remained virtually unchanged with the same menu, decor and location since its beginning.

Sweet Crimes Candy Vault

114 W. Adams St., C-106 — Phoenix

Don’t feel guilty, treat yourself at Sweet Crimes Candy Vault, at the historic Orpheum Loft building. Offered by the scoop and pre-packed, this spot is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as you take in the sights of downtown Phoenix. 

Sweet Provisions

8120 N. Hayden Road — Scottsdale

Local creamery and bake shop, Sweet Provisions is the product of Chef and Owner Christopher Collins’ latest passion project. Each scoop is made fresh daily from local Arizona dairy and the finest ingredients. Savor each scoop with a trip to Sweet Provisions today!

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