Bubble Bee: The Only USDA Organic Boba in the Valley

Established in 2015, Bubble Bee is a local company serving its refreshments to the Valley for over five years. It has three locations at Scottsdale Quarter, San Tan Village in Gilbert, and Tempe Arizona Mills. Bubble Bee specializes in organic tea-based boba drinks. As part of their commitment to providing customers fresh and high-quality beverages, they brew USDA organic loose-leaf tea in-house daily and use it to make all their drinks.

Although there are multiple boba shops across the Valley, Bubble Bee stands apart and is proudly the only tea shop in Arizona that makes all drinks using organic loose-leaf tea.

Top-Selling Drinks and Ingredients

King Taro: Blended Creamy Drink with Coconut, Taro, Black Tea, and Honey Boba 

Cali Girl: Blended Fruity Drink with Strawberry, Watermelon, White Tea, and Strawberry Popper

The Original: Over Ice, Creamy Drink with Brown Sugar, Creamer, Golden Tea, and Honey Boba 

Vanillaccino: Coffee Drink with Vanilla Bean, French Coffee, Creamer, Honey Boba, and Coffee Jelly

PM: Blended Fruity Drink with Peach, Mango, White Tea with Mango Popper, and Peach Jelly 

Peachy Lychee: Over Ice Fruity Drink with Peach, Lychee, Black Tea with Mango Popper, and Peach Jelly 

USDA Organic Information:

Bubble Bee uses all USDA organic loose-leaf tea. To provide the highest-quality beverages to customers, Bubble Bee brews its organic teas daily. Our organic loose-leaf teas provide several health benefits, including increasing metabolic function and promoting better immune function. The loose-leaf teas are made of premium quality compared to most commonly used teas with high amounts of fluoride, pesticides, and loads of harmful artificial ingredients. 

Premium Flavored USDA Organic Loose-Leaf Tea Sold in Stores to Take Home:  

Along with over 70 fully customize-able drinks on their menu, Bubble Bee has released their line of USDA organic loose-leaf teas are available for purchase in stores and online. So you can make their delicious organic tea– inspired by their most popular drinks, right in your own home. The four blends available include the USDA Organic Strawberry Peony White Tea, USDA Organic Peach Black Tea, USDA Organic Jasmine Green Tea, and a USDA Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea made with Lavender, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Citrus, and Red Date.

Loose-leaf tea is also preferred over bagged tea. Bagged tea is often the dust of tea and broken pieces from actual tea leaves. Broken tea leaves have lost much of their flavor and aroma. 

USDA Raw Honey

Bubble Bee soaks all of its boba in organic honey. This extra step adds a rich flavor and endless health benefits that are naturally occurring in the finest raw honey. Health Benefits of USDA Organic Raw Honey include: Naturally occurring micronutrients, Helps stabilize blood sugar, boost immune function, Good source of antioxidants, Antifungal and Antibacterial properties, Helpful for digestive issues. 

For more information on Bubble Bee, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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