Arizona’s Caverns Grotto Named One of the Best Secret Restaurants in the U.S.

Photo: Atlas Obscura

Caverns Grotto is hidden from the everyday diner, but it caught the attention of Time Out for being one of America’s coolest secret restaurants.   

Located 210 feet below the ground in the Grand Canyon Caverns of Peach Springs, Ariz., Caverns Grotto recently placed at No. 6 on Time Out’s list of the best hidden restaurants in the U.S

As one of the most unique dining spots, the 16-seat eatery is integrated into the largest chamber of the 345-million-year-old cave system extending 60 miles to the Grand Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon Caverns. 

Reservations are required to eat at Caverns Grotto, which exclusively serves four tables at a time. The dining area features a natural ambiance with 360-degree views of the caves and virtually no outside noise other than the sound of conversations. 

Accessing the restaurant is a journey in and of itself: Guests are lowered 21 stories underground by elevator to reach the restaurant, where for $49.95 per person, they can enjoy a lunch entree and a side, two drinks and an all-you-can-eat dessert. The dining fee also includes a tour of the caverns. 

The food at Caverns Grotto is prepared in a kitchen above ground then transported down to the caves by elevator before being hoisted 25 feet up to the dining area where a server brings guests their food. The menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, including the pulled pork sandwich and fried chicken sandwich, and salads, plus beer and wine offerings and dessert, like a caramel apple pie. 

The hidden restaurant is a secret worth knowing, and reservations can be made at

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