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Are you looking for an air travel experience that is the epitome of luxury? Look no further.  Jet Linx, with nine base locations nationwide and 30 aircrafts in its fleet, is the choice for a private jet company.

From each base location, Jet Linx will fly its customers to any desired destination in the world. You can expect the ultimate private jet experience with top-notch service and safety.  Customers can purchase a “Jet Card” of either 25-hour increments for $ 25,000, 50-hour increments for $47,500 or 100 hour increments for $90,000.  Furthermore, Jet Linx also offers a separate program for unlimited hours.


As a Jet Linx customer, you will reap these benefits of a private jet experience from the moment you arrive at Jet Linx’s private terminal at the Scottsdale Airport, avoiding the hassle and chaos that often comes with airport travel. You will then enjoy a high-class flight experience with whomever you wish to accompany you on board, whether it be your family, friends or even pets. The jet is yours during your purchased time.

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Arizona Foothills Magazine got the chance to ask a few questions and to chat with Jon Gilbert, the President and Director of Sales for Jet Linx Scottsdale.  Here’s what Gilbert had to say:

What makes your jet experience unique?

Jet Linx offers Jet Card programs tailored to the individual.  That means, with a Jet Linx Jet Card, our clients have access to any size of jet they need for however long they need it on a guaranteed basis, with guaranteed pricing and a guaranteed standard of safety.  We have a local private terminal complete with full kitchen, lounge, and conference facilities so our clients can conduct any necessary business before or after their flights.  We take care of it all with a local team in Scottsdale offering a 5 star customer service experience that is unmatched in the industry.  No other company can offer all of that.

What do you offer to your guests on flight that is unique to the industry?

We provide our client with whatever they desire on board for their particular trip.  From special catering, personalized blankets, favorite wines, or something as simple as a dog bed.  If our client wants it, we will provide it.  That is why Jet Linx is considered Your Personal Jet Company.  Each of our clients feel like they own the aircraft they are flying on because we make each flight as unique to them as possible.

With your jets traveling great distances to locations all around the world, how would you describe the safety experience your customers will receive during these flights?

Each aircraft that we bring into our fleet goes through a 36 man hour conformity check, that is then reviewed and approved by the FAA.  We have 2 pilots on board for each flight and all are trained to the highest standards in the industry.  As a company, we are ARG/US Platinum rated, which is an achievement only the top 1% of the industry attains.  In order to maintain that, we are voluntarily audited every 2 years to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the safety standards set forth in the program.  In other words, we make safety our number one priority so that our clients have even less to worry about while flying with us.


Jet Linx is a unique and incomparable travel experience, catering to each customer’s specific needs while flying to any desired location around the world.  To learn more about Jet Linx, the Jet Card and the unique experience of Jet Linx, visit their website at

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