Scottsdale Ranks as One of the Best Cities to Spend Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Autumn feast. Family sitting at the table and celebrating holiday. Grandparents, mother, father and children. Traditional dinner.

Thanksgiving is one of America’s most beloved holidays, giving families a chance to share a meal together and reflect on all the things for which they are grateful.

One of the best places to spend the holiday is Scottsdale, Ariz., according to a recent study by WalletHub that sought to help Americans find the best cities to go for Thanksgiving.

The study compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on 5 key dimensions, including: Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions; affordability; safety and accessibility; giving thanks; and Thanksgiving weather forecast.

Based on a scale of 100, Scottsdale ranked third, with a score of 66.42, due to its high probability of Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions, and affordability.

Meanwhile, Atlanta, Ga. snagged first place with a total score of 71.05, and Orlando, Fla. claimed second place, almost tying with Scottsdale, with a total score of 66.43.

Here are six Thanksgiving fun facts for 2021:

  • $312: Average person’s spending over the five-day Thanksgiving period.
  • 10 hrs. 2 mins.: Length of time the average American male would need to spend on the treadmill to burn the 4,500 calories consumed at the average Thanksgiving meal.
  • $604+ Million: Estimated amount Americans spend on Thanksgiving turkeys each year, with 46 million turkeys killed for the holiday.
  • $26 Million: Amount of property loss caused by residential building fires each Thanksgiving.
  • 46%: Share of people celebrating Thanksgiving who try to avoid having to talk politics at the dinner table.
  • 65%: Share of Americans who expect COVID-19 to impact their Thanksgiving celebrations this year (only 15% expect the impact to be significant).

Read the full report here.

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