Pilot Hotels: New Luxury Brand Blends Historic Properties with Chic Design

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé

Pilot: A Helmsman, a leader guiding ships to various ports, delivering intrepid travelers to imaginable and unimaginable locations and indescribable destinations.

Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé

Enter Pilot Hotels, a new boutique luxury hotel brand, paving the way for historically and architecturally significant hotels in exclusive destinations.

Founded by American private investor Marcy Holthus, whose background includes finance and real estate, she fell into the hospitality industry with the opening of Park City’s Washington School House Hotel in 2011. The 12-room hotel, which is Pilot’s first property, was originally built for Holthus and her family. Featuring a historic limestone school house and a stunning design, it was quickly obvious that the home was an attractive destination for travelers.

Washington School House Hotel

With the mission to create amazing boutique hotels in curated destinations with a design-driven focus that maintains authenticity, Pilot Hotels was born. In keeping with the brand’s goal, the soon-to-launch Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé in France’s Loire Valley will be the second property in the Pilot portfolio.

Washington School House Hotel

“The hotels themselves are works of art. The design team starts with an incredible property saturated in history that transcends centuries. Awe-inspiring spaces for the modern luxury traveler are created, while preserving and restoring authenticity. The restoration is then layered with carefully curated art and furnishings, with splendid finishes, delivering over-the-top, chic, sophisticated interiors,” said Marcy Holthus, founder and CEO of Pilot Hotels. Once construction is completed, Holthus taps Michael Gregory, Managing Director, to craft an experience commensurate with the property. Holthus adds that, “Michael is masterful in directing execution of every detail with aplomb and remarkable savior faire.”

For more information, visit: pilothotels.com

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