Boulders Resort to Unveil $4 Million Golf Course Renovation This Month

Boulders Resort & Spa in Scottsdale will unveil a $4 million golf course renovation of its Boulder North and South Courses this October. 

The resort’s two championship golf courses, which have been recognized as some of the best courses in the western U.S., will now provide members and visitors with an even more advanced and luxurious playing experience. 

The four-month project included the renovation of all bunkers on both award-winning courses as well as a greens renovation on the South Course. These extensive changes and upgrades will enhance the playability of the courses and help maintain healthy, desirable turf for a superior round of golf. 

Each bunker was redone with a new drainage and liner system that will increase the speed of water-flow, minimize washouts, reduce maintenance and promote optimal playing performance. While the original shapes of the bunkers will be kept the same, every bunker will be refilled with a premium 50:50 blend of white and tan sand that is expected to last for many years. 

The South Course greens were resurfaced with TifEagle Turf, an ultradwarf putting green that improves speed, consistency and overall playability and that will keep the course looking aesthetically appealing throughout hot and cold weather conditions. 

In addition to the bunker and greens renovations, Boulders Resort invested in a new state-of-the-art pump station that will deliver more efficient irrigation to the courses and keep the turf healthy. 

“We are committed to investing in our world-class golf resort and keeping the Boulders at the top of must-play lists for traveling golfers, while enhancing an amazing country club environment for our vibrant membership,” says Boulders General Manager John Maskovich. “Our investment in capital—from the bunkers on both courses, the greens, to the pump station, to new agronomic equipment—combined with our stellar golf team, are prime examples of our commitment.”

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