How to Create the Perfect Bath + Breathing Techniques

It might be hard to relax right now while we all go a bit stir-crazy inside, but getting some much-needed R&R is essential to maintaining good mental and physical health. With these tips from Minerva Toquero, Marriott Cancun Collection‘s Spa Manager, you can create your ideal at-home oasis by learning to make the perfect bath plus techniques for optimal breathing.

How to Create the Perfect Bath


If you feel stressed, tired or sick, a herbal bath is the answer. Rosemary’s herbaceous scent will give you a boost when you are feeling under the weather. It’s easy, fill your bathtub with warm water an add rosemary, the benefits will show right away.  

Complement your herbal bath with a Green Juice to detox. Use orange juice, green vegetables such as celery and cucumber, add ginger and sweeten with honey or stevia if desired.


If you are looking to work on your aura and evoke introspection, prepare a warm bath with rose petals to equilibrate mind, body and soul.

Breathing Techniques


  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Close the right nostril with your right thumb.
  • Inhale deeply through the left nostril.
  • Close the left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand as you release the right nostril.
  • Exhale slowly through your right nostril.
  • Keeping the left nostril closed, inhale deeply through your right nostril.
  • Seal the right nostril again with your thumb, then release the left nostril.
  • Exhale out of the left nostril. You should now be in the original position, with the thumb sealing the right nostril.
  • Repeat the process ten times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
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