W Scottsdale’s Dream Car Tour Lets You Pilot Exotic Luxury Vehicles

WET Deck at W Scottsdale

Get behind the wheel of some of the world’s best exotic luxury cars for an adrenaline-fueled ride through Arizona’s canyons, deserts and mountains.

WET Deck at W Scottsdale
WET Deck at W Scottsdale

W Scottsdale and Gotham Dream Car Tours have partnered up to give W Scottsdale guests the chance to drive six different high-performance sports cars for a 3+ hour drive through some of Arizona’s most diverse byways, canyons and roads.

The day begins with a performance and safety overview of each vehicle. Then choose your first car – perhaps an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini –  and get ready for take-off. Participants will pilot each car for 15 exhilarating miles to experience the car’s speed, handling and power firsthand. After a stop at a designated checkpoint, drivers then slip into their next auto of choice to compare the models and relive each car’s unique breed of heart-pounding speed again.  At the end of the day, participants receive a certificate of completion, photos of the experience and memories to last a lifetime.

The Gotham Dream Car Tour is available for $895. Summer rates at W Scottsdale start from $170 per night.

For more information on the Gotham Dream Car Tour experience at W Scottsdale, contact W Scottsdale Guest Experience Manager and Lead W Insider, Rachael Bienz at Rachael.Bienz@whotels.com.

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