Vacation Right In Your Backyard With This Adventure To Charming Globe, AZ

Source: Instagram @madilynndwor
Source: Instagram @madilynndwor

When you’re looking for a break from the norm, you don’t always have to opt for booking a major trip. In fact, you’d probably be surprised at what sits right in your own backyard here in Arizona that will make it feel as if you’ve traveled somewhere far away.

Local First Arizona Foundation has made a point to let you experience Arizona in a new way this year, with the creation of its WeekendZona program.

Highlighting four off-the-beaten path spots in our fine stat, WeekendZona offers “travelers” a great deal in terms of culture, history, and experience (not to mention a boost in our local economy!).

The first trip in this serious is happening this February 9 -11, so read on for the details.

Experience Globe-Miami with WeekendZona

You’ve likely heard of Globe,but do you know what happens there, and why this little town is worth a visit? Probably not.

However, with WeekendZona, you’ll get an exclusive look at Globe and all that this charming little town has to offer.

With the Globe WeekendZona package you’ll get 2 nights of accommodations (February 9-11) at your choice of the following:

  • Chrysocolla Inn
  • Noftsger Hill in, or
  • Dream Manor Inn

Globe’s best dining spots have already been scouted out for you, and you’ll get the chance to experience the tasty offerings at:

  • Copper Hen, Friday dinner
  • Bernard’s Coffee Station Cafe, Saturday lunch
  • Bloom, Saturday dinner
  • Guyao’s El Rey, Sunday lunch
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And that’s definitely not all! This package also gives you tickets to some super fun group activities including:

  • Paranormal Tour
  • Besh Ba Gowah Tour
  • Cobre Valley Center for the Arts and Old Jail Tour
  • Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum Tour

You’ll love having the time to antique in this culturally-rich town on Broad Street in Globe, and on Sullivan Street in Miami.

Though small, Globe-Miami is guaranteed to charm you. WeekendZona is the perfectly curated way to experience the true richness of this area, and give you plenty of reason to come back and adventure more!

Book this experience by visiting here.

This 2-person, 2-night package is available for $485, or a 1-person, 2-night package is available for $295. All meals, lodging, and activities are included.

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