Tucson’s Downtown Clifton Hotel Announces Expansion

Located in the heart of Armory Park, Downtown Clifton is expanding to an adjacent lot by adding 22 new rooms, set to open Oct. 3.

The new rooms are designed by owner Moniqua Lane who also designed the existing hotel room and scoured antique shops and estate sales across Southern Arizona to develop the Clifton’s vibe – so much so that the hotel was named for the local artist/musician/raconteur.

“With the design of the existing rooms, we were trying to honor and speak to the grit that makes Tucson what it is, and we love what it is. That is harder to do with new construction, so we are trying to evoke a connection between an older Tucson as we have romanticized it and a more elegant, graceful Mexican tradition that is woven into our Tucson heritage. We have idealized and stylized both of these aspects of Southern Arizona’s culture and aesthetic because we love them, and we are excited to share that with our guests.”

Moniqua Lane

“There is a romance of traveling to Mexico from Tucson and from Mexico to Tucson, and we are evoking that connection that is a deep part of who we are.”

Clif Taylor

In addition to the new rooms, a new lounge and kitchen The Red Light Lounge will open Oct. 18. The menu will pay tribute to Tucson and its culture and feature sophisticated comfort food by Executive Chef Alex Ohayon.

The Clifton’s Key Holder’s Club will remain, providing discounts at nearly every downtown establishment, from boutiques to restaurants and bars.

For more information, visit: downtowntucsonhotel.com

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