New In-Room Aromatherapy Launches at Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix

According to Wakefield Research, 63-percent of Americans claim to have trouble getting a good night’s rest while on vacation. Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix has just launched a brand new service to help combat sleep troubles in guests. The downtown hotel is the first to partner with Vitruvi, the international brand of essential oils (and loved by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop), to deliver a new in-room aromatherapy program.

Guests can choose between lavender, eucalyptus or bergamot to be diffused throughout their rooms plus they’ll also get a 10ml bottle of the selected essential oil along with a complementing elixir and a sweet treat during the nightly turndown service. The new service is available to VIP guests and as an add-on for just $25.

Lavender: One of the most commonly used and versatile essential oils, lavender is the perfect single-origin oil for creating a bedtime ritual and also easily fits into one’s beauty routine thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus: As the most invigorating of the evening rituals, Eucalyptus is best known for its use in spas while its revitalizing herbal scent and antimicrobial properties make it the perfect nighttime staple.

Bergamot: Extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit that grow on bergamot orange trees, bergamot will make guests feel as if they are lying within a citrus grove. Equal parts luxurious and comforting, this cozy, spicy oil is known for having the aroma of Earl grey tea and is often found in fragrances for both men and women. Plus, it’s great for helping guests unwind at the end of a long day.

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