Catch the Full Moon at L’Auberge de Sedona, A Destination Hotel

Sedona is a great place to catch the monthly full moon, with its open skies, Red Rock energy and wellness retreats. To fully embrace the lunar love, L’Auberge de Sedona, A Destination Hotel is hosting a Mindful Moon Meditation series. The complimentary sessions take place each evening of a new moon and include a guided journey of healing.

  • Earthing and Grounding Ritual: Prepare to soak in the energy of the Earth and moon while discussing symbols and meanings for that month’s specific full moon theme.
  • Breathing and Meditation: A guided meditation leads guests through a series of intentional breathing cycles to gather the awareness that matches the quality of the moon’s energy.
  • Sound Healing: Through gentle drums, overtone singing, nature sounds and frequencies from crystal bowls, guests find an overall silence of the mind to fully embrace peace within.
  • Write and Reflect: Complete the full moon experience through a writing practice to recognize all that you are grateful for and enter a new moon cycle with a refreshed outlook and cleared mind.

Mindful Moon Meditation takes place on the following dates:

Beaver Moon: Nov. 21
Cold Moon: Dec. 20
Wolf Moon: Jan. 21
Snow Moon: Feb. 19
Worm Moon: Mar. 20

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