Most Eligible Phoenicians 2021: Stand-up Comedian Eric Bernal



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Why did you go into that industry?

I had to make an adjustment where I could make my passion into a paycheck. I think we often forget that what we do as a “job” is a complete choice on our part.

What made you want to be apart of Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Most Eligible Phoenicians 2021?

In all honesty, it just sounded like an all-around fun thing to do. I’m all about trying new things and seeing where it goes from there.

Are you an Arizona native? If not, when and why did you move to Arizona?

I’m originally from Sleepy Hollow NY and I moved here thinking it would be a 1-year thing and I’m almost close to 10 years in AZ. No regrets!

Have you ever been married in the past? Would you want to get married/remarried?

I’ve never been married, I’ve gone as far as to purchase a ring but let’s just say thank God I didn’t go through with it (lol). But I’d love to get married someday because having a family is what I ultimately want.

Do you have any children? Would you like to have children?

I don’t have any children but would love to have some. I like the idea of a house full of love (I know corny but true)

What’s your astrological sign?

I’m a cancer.

Would you describe yourself as more of an extrovert or introvert? Or a little bit of both?

Absolutely an extrovert, I’m very much comfortable with that part of me.

You have the weekend off, and no work needs to be done. What are you doing?

First thing I’m doing is taking my dog to the dog park , followed by a nice hike on camelback mountain. I’d most likely organize brunch with friends Where I can catch up to see what’s everyone been up to.

At some point a 90 min massage to have an opportunity to put the phone away and allow me to be present. Squeeze in a dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Where was your favorite place you have ever visited?  Where do you want to go next?

The favorite place I ever visited was Ecuador. But my bucket list vacation would have to be Tokyo, Japan. So much about the culture and way of life, I’m so interested in learning more about.

Favorite movie? Why?

“Good Will Hunting” . Now there are many reasons why.

For starters, I love that the screenplay was written by 2 best friends under the age of 25 (Ben Affleck, Matt Damon).

It truly summed up how you can be the “smartest” most “gifted” and truly not know a damn thing about life. That even the most talented need help with handling their demons.

What kind of music is your favorite? Do you have a favorite artist?

I love music in English and in Spanish.

Favorite English artist Being Ne-Yo.

Favorite Spanish artist Romeo Artist and what both have In common is they’re both singer-songwriters. I have a special respect for someone who’s talented in both.

Favorite food and favorite restaurant? Why?

Favorite food has to be my mom’s ceviche served over white rice because who doesn’t love their mom’s favorite dish.

My favorite restaurant would be Maple & Ash and that all has to do with that the service matches the quality of the food.

Where is your favorite place to grab a cocktail?   

Maple & Ash and again I love the creativity and ambiance of the place.

If you were to take another MEP selectee on a date, where would you take them and why?

I’d pick them up because even though we live in this “let’s meet up at the restaurant” culture I feel theres moments you miss out on when you skip that part. From small talk on the way there to a possible karaoke sesh to break the nervousness of getting to know someone new. I also love the idea of a lunch date rather than dinner.

Dinner seems to be serious and possibly better reserved for a 2nd or 3rd date. I want the ability to relieve the tension of the “first date” as much as I can. So maybe some Top Golf for drinks with the destination to a nice dessert place for some comfort food. I’ve never seen anyone eat ice cream or slice of cake with a frown on lol.

Tell us something that many people may not know about you:

I am an avid reader. I Probably read 20-45 min a night on random subjects. Not a clue on when exactly I’ll use the information lol but I guess you can say I like to be informed.

I also used to compete in spoken word poetry in NYC when I was in college. All in all, I’m someone who’s constantly finding ways to better myself and not shy about receiving constructive criticism.

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