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Jordan Helms, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Gilbert, AZ, 85296 | Psychology Today

Skye Therapy Solutions by Jacqui Johnson LPC

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Please describe your occupation:

I am Licensed Social Worker providing therapy to kiddos & young adults in the mesa/gilbert area. My pts meet with me for about an hour once a week to address issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD and every day stressors.

Why did you go into that industry?

I love people and having the opportunity to help create change in someone’s life! Especially now with COVID and the past year, a lot of people are struggling to adjust to the changes and remain hopeful that the future will be brighter. Being able to hold that hope for someone is so rewarding and amazing to see them make progress.

The other big push to get into therapy was to be a positive adult that people can turn to. I strive to be what I wish I had when I was younger. 

What made you want to be apart of Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Most Eligible Phoenicians 2021?

I am trying to catch a man, haha but really, I thought it would be a fun way to put myself out there and look back in 20 years & be like I did that! Definitely, a really cool thing to have been apart of your story. 

Are you an Arizona native? If not, when and why did you move to Arizona? 

So, long story short I am from NY. I had just recently gone through a breakup and never thought of NY as “home” so I know I needed to leave. It was a plan for as long as I could remember, but just never knew where I was going.

So I randomly applied for jobs all over the country, interviewed and packed up the car & my dog, and came here. I didn’t even get the official offer letter until I was like 12 hours away -definitely a little nerve-wracking but the best decision ever!

What is your favorite aspect of Arizona? 

I love the fact that you get to be outdoors the majority of the year and who doesn’t love a good outdoor patio and wine.

Have you ever been married in the past? Would you want to get married/remarried?

Never married but one day. I need a vet so I can cut some costs on my animal rescue haha JK.

Do you have any children? Would you like to have children? 

I have 2 perfect fur babies-Hershey & Milo

What’s your astrological sign? 

Cancer/Gemini. I am technically a “cusp baby” so I just pick whatever sounds nicer or has the better horoscope haha

Would you describe yourself as more of an extrovert or introvert? Or a little bit of both? 

Most people that know me would probably say Extrovert but I feel like I can be both. I love hosting in my friend group and having any excuse to have people over. I love taking care of people and making sure everyone is happy but I also don’t mind complete silence and binging Netflix all weekend and ignoring the phone.

You have the weekend off, and no work needs to be done. What are you doing? 

So I have this AZ bucket list that I have been working on for the last 3 years that I have been here so easily picking something off the list and begging my Mom to dog sit haha

Where was your favorite place you have ever visited?  Where do you want to go next? 

Vietnam! I’m sure most people would say for the food but I think the landscape is so unreal and so diverse. Everyone there is so friendly and kind- plus they party until like 3 am!

Favorite movie? Why? 

Moana- just because she is a badass living out her best life and she is not afraid to take chances

What kind of music is your favorite? Do you have a favorite artist?

Hate to admit it, but still a Bieber fan. Chris Brown and Bieber definitely top most of my playlists

Favorite food and favorite restaurant? Why?

All my friends would laugh and answer in unison- French fries! And again, they would all say red robin- the garlic fries with ranch…. Delicious!

Where is your favorite place to grab a cocktail? 

Blue Martini! Best happy hour

If you were to take another MEP selectee on a date, where would you take them and why? 

Definitely somewhere new for both of us. Like any animal encounter would be amazing! 

Tell us something that many people may not know about you: 

Soooo I always used to want to be an actress when I was younger so my mom used to take me to auditions… after 2 I realized, yeah it was not for me. I would get insanely nervous and vomit… gross

Check out our interview with Jordan Helms:

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