Most Eligible Phoenician 2021: Matthew Jordan of Nestlé Professional



Social Media Handles: 

Instagram @MattJordanTV 

Twitter – @MattJordanTV 

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City of Residence:

Scottsdale, AZ

Please describe your occupation: 

Corporate Executive Chef of National Accounts at Nestlé Professional and Television Personality

Matthew Jordan is the Corporate Executive Chef of National Accounts for Nestlé Professional.  He is a 7-Time Competition Show veteran on The Food Network: Winner of Comeback Kitchen Season 2 and Cutthroat Kitchen.  Matthew was voted “Most Influential in Valley Food” 2021 and 2017 by Arizona Foothills Magazine.  

He is a Host and On Air Personality for Young Hollywood and The List TV Show.  As seen on NBC12, ABC15, and FOX10.  Jordan is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.

Why did you go into that industry?

All I’ve ever wanted since I was a little kid is my own Food Network show.  It’s my passion, purpose and dream.  I started cooking on live television when I was 9 years old. 

Got my first professional restaurant job when I was 16.  Did my first Food Network show when I was 19.  I’ve always loved cooking and entertainment.

What made you want to be apart of Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Most Eligible Phoenicians 2021?

Looking for my soul mate !!

Are you an Arizona native? If not, when and why did you move to Arizona? 

I am an Arizona native.  Born and raised here.  Grew up in DC Ranch.  Lived in upstate NY for culinary school and then moved to the Cleveland area for work.  Now I’m back! 

What is your favorite aspect of Arizona? 

Everything.  The luxury.  The mountains.  The 65 degree winters.  The restaurants.  The resorts.  A hands down favorite of mine is hiking the McDowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve.  It’s heaven here.  

Have you ever been married in the past? Would you want to get married/remarried?

Never married.  Yes, absolutely.  

Do you have any children? Would you like to have children? 

No children.  Yes, absolutely.

What’s your astrological sign? 


Would you describe yourself as more of an extrovert or introvert? Or a little bit of both?


You have the weekend off, and no work needs to be done. What are you doing? 

Breakfast at The Breakfast Club.  Movie.  Hike.  Nice Dinner in Old Town or at one of the resorts.  Cook a delicious meal (likely tacos… can’t get enough of them).  Pool.  AZ Rock Gym.  Really want to learn to play tennis so maybe a lesson. 

Where was your favorite place you have ever visited?  Where do you want to go next?

Vevey, Switzerland.  Next, somewhere hot with a beach.   

Favorite movie? Why? 

Ratatouille – it’s the perfect movie. 

What kind of music is your favorite? Do you have a favorite artist?

Down for it all. Depends on the vibe. 

Favorite food and favorite restaurant? Why?

Favorite Food – TACOS! Favorite Restaurant – Elements at Sanctuary.  I used to work as Chef Beau’s grill cook back in the day.  It’s the best food in the state – period. 

Where is your favorite place to grab a cocktail? 

Not a drinker but love a ginger shot from the juice bar! 

If you were to take another MEP selectee on a date, where would you take them and why? 

I’d ask, it’s more fun to plan a date together.  

Tell us something that many people may not know about you: 

I have a black belt!

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