Foundress Fridays: Veronica Frost, Founder & Principal Designer of Diamonds in the Desert

Veronica Frost, is the founder and principal designer of Diamonds in the Desert, a boutique interior design firm.

“Diamonds in the Desert is an Arizona-based boutique interior design firm & online shop specializing in beautiful, functional interiors for clients in Arizona and beyond. Our passion is transforming houses into homes where you’ll find not just captivating aesthetics but also the heartwarming embrace of functionality and family-friendly design. Together, we’ll create spaces that celebrate the beauty of everyday life.”

AZF: What is your “life motto”?
VF: I have two life mottos. One of my “life mottos” is living life with a constant smile. We don’t know what people are going through and sometimes, smiling at someone can make an impact in their day. My other “life motto” is a commitment to living in the moment. Life is a gift and I want to treat each day as a gift!

AZF: Did you always know that you wanted to be entrepreneur? If not, when did you realize that it was the right path right for you?
VF: As a young girl, I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The idea of creating something from scratch, of building a business that reflected my vision, values and passion, was a dream from an early age. However, I also held another equally important dream in my heart: the desire to raise a family and be there for them every step of the way. Balancing these two aspirations has been a challenge, but it’s a challenge I willingly embrace. I believe that being an entrepreneur not only provides the ability to do what I love, design people’s homes, but also the flexibility to make my own schedule and be present for my family when they need me. It’s a journey of pursuing my dreams on both fronts, and I’m determined to make it a reality.

AZF: How do you feel best supported?
VF: I feel supported in my life, thanks to the love of my family, the camaraderie of friends, the encouragement of colleagues, the resources of the Foundress community, and my commitment to self-care. This support system empowers me to face adversity, pursue my goals, and find comfort in knowing that I am not alone on this journey.

AZF: What motivates you to keep going amidst of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur?
VF: Entrepreneurship is a challenging and often unpredictable journey. What motivates me to keep going amidst the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur is a combination of personal drive, passion for my work, and a desire to make an impact in people’s lives by designing beautiful and functional homes.

AZF: Describe your perfect Saturday morning.
VF: My perfect Saturday morning would include time to read the Bible, a sunrise walk with my husband and a pilates class followed by enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee prior to heading out to kids’ sporting events.

AZF: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out?
VF: A piece of advice I’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out is to give yourself grace, have patience and prioritize continuous learning and adaptability. Building a successful business is a dynamic and ever-evolving journey.

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