Foundress Fridays: Heather Scott, the Business Co-Owner of Jeremy Scott Fitness

Heather Scott is the business co-owner of Jeremy Scott Fitness.

“I helped my husband start a business in the health and fitness industry 14 years ago. We opened a gym in Scottsdale, built a social media brand, started an online coaching business, built an international podcast following, and launched an app together. It has been a wild ride and constant evolution over the years. We have helped thousands of people both in person and online live a healthier and happier lifestyle. As I was helping him build the business, I also continued to work a full-time corporate global sales career in the hotel industry for the past 16 years.”

AZF: What is your “life motto”?
HS: “Helping others live a healthier happier life doing what they love!”

AZF: Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur? If not, when did you realize that it was the right path for you?
HS: “I knew at a young age that building relationships and helping others came natural to me. I loved playing sports, staying busy with activities, and I liked to make money! I was a three-sport athlete and would work side jobs taking care of my neighbor’s farm animals, helping our family friend with her coffee cart business, work various jobs through high school, and college to learn new skills. I also was very interested in learning how different business ran and the steps it took for them to be successful. In high school I took business marketing classes and was involved in different groups such as DECA, Leadership, and Nordstrom’s Fashion board. I have always been passionate about traveling so in college I decided to major in Hospitality Business Management. I also was able to secure an internship at The Phoenician Resort and Spa during my junior year of college and that experience is where I fell in love with the hotel industry. When I started my corporate hotel career 16 years ago, there was a part of me that also wanted to fulfill my creative side and entrepreneurial spirit. I can get bored easily and I like to take on new challenges. I ended up meeting my husband a few months after moving down to Arizona and before we were married, we began creating a business plan on how to start the Jeremy Scott Fitness brand. I felt an urge early on wanting to learn the ins and out of running a business and being as involved as much as possible. I have applied what I have learned working for a large global company in sales to our business which has been extremely helpful!”

AZF: How do you feel best supported?
HS: “We built a business around my husband’s personal brand and name never thinking it would turn into what it is today. He has always encouraged me to do what I love and not hold myself back. He has always supported me in my career and has respected me as his business partner. He is my biggest cheerleader and I have been his rooting him on from day one. Also, our family and good friends are everything! The ones that have supported us from the beginning I am forever grateful for. Lastly, our employees we would not be where we are today without their hard work and support!”

AZF: What motivates you to keep going admist the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur?
HS: “We definitely have our moments especially when you are married working together it can be a lot! I do believe me keeping my own career has helped with having separation from the business and contributes to my own independence. Our members both in person and online are what keep us going and keep us motivated! Hearing their personal success stories of how JSF has changed their life make all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it! We truly have amazing people in our community that make us so proud to get up and keep doing what we do after all these years.”

AZF: Describe your perfect Saturday morning.
HS: “On most Saturday mornings, you can find me at our gym working out with our community and then helping Jeremy after our groups end. We then start filming content for our app and social media platforms or record a podcast. To be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way because being around uplifting and like-minded people who support each other is truly the best way to start my day! Plus, getting to work alongside your husband is pretty special. I love that we are able to provide an environment that people can come to with no judgement and offer a service that provides both physical and mental health benefits. We are so blessed to have our local community with most JSF members being with us over a decade.”

AZF: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out?
HS: “Be patient. You will get frustrated when things don’t go as planned or happen as quickly as you would like. At times you will feel like you are failing and want to give up. If you keep putting in the consistent effort over time everything will start falling into place. A successful business won’t happen overnight!”

AZF: What makes you most excited about being an entrepreneur?
 “The freedom of being able to do, say, and be my true authentic self without restrictions. I get excited when I have a new idea, I can test it out in our business to see if it will create results. I have a creative side and being an entrepreneur allows me to tap into that part of me that doesn’t have to fit in a box. Sometimes, I feel that I am two different people working in my corporate role versus being a business owner. Being an entrepreneur allows me to grow and challenge myself in new ways that are exciting and fun! The most exciting part is hearing how I have helped changed someone’s life for the better which is the greatest gift!”

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