Foundress Fridays: Ashley Cooper, Founder of Ashley Cooper Design

Ashley Cooper is the founder of Ashley Cooper Design

“We are an interior design studio and national real estate team, helping our clients buy, sell or invest in real estate while we design their dream home,” Says Cooper. “After years of designing homes for clients all over the country, we saw an incredible value add to not only offer full-service design, but bridge the gap for smart investing through the process of purchasing a home. We offer an exclusive, bespoke experience, guiding our clients through the entire process of staging, selling, buying and designing.”

AZF: What is your “life motto”? 
AC: This year my life motto is, “If you built it, they will come!” (yep, that’s from the childhood classic ‘Field of Dreams’.) I believe in the power of dreaming big and working hard to pursue your dreams that uplift your life and better serve your community.

AZF: Did you always know that you wanted to be entrepreneur? If not, when did you realize that it was the right path right for you?
AC: I have always been a highly creative person and have done things my own way, so I guess as a dreamer, I have always pursued entrepreneurship whether it was just as a hobby or an intentional brand and business.

AZF: What excites you most about being an entrepreneur? 
AC: I love connecting with people and building community, it fuels my soul. As an entrepreneur of a creative studio I thrive in the process of expression through art and design. There is freedom in that, so really leaning into following my passions and unique talents is what I love most about being an entrepreneur.

AZF: What motivates you to keep going amidst of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur? 
AC: My kids and husband are my WHY! As cliche as it is, showing them by example to never give up, especially if it’s something you are passionate about.

AZF: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out?
AC: Don’t doubt your dreams! I believe sometimes only you can see the bigger picture for your journey because it was not intended for anyone else, so embrace your vision and trust in yourself and build the way your feel called to build.

AZF: How do you feel best supported? 
AC: Having a community of personal cheerleaders, of sorts, from other female entrepreneurs is the ultimate gift of support in my mind. Women who are in the trenches themselves building, serving and scaling their own businesses understand and relate on such a deep level about what it takes to build a strong brand. To have those types of women who are incredibly talented in their own fields take the time to care about me and champion my wins with me; that is such a true gift of support.

AZF: Describe your perfect Saturday morning. 
AC: Hiking or exploring nature with my husband and four kids. We love nature and being outside together. I believe there is healing power when you immerse yourself in nature. Also, eating delicious food is also in the mix for a perfect Saturday morning with music blasting and kids laughing and dancing around the kitchen – that makes for a perfect morning to me.

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