Foundress Fridays: Alexandra Bradberry, The Sparkle Bar

Alexandra Bradberry is the founder and CEO of The Sparkle Bar.

“We are the ultimate destination for getting your glam on and offer a makeup only experience that celebrates the diversity in beauty,” says Bradberry. “We believe that what makes you special and what makes you unique is that you are one of one and we’re here to celebrate that through custom makeup applications.

AZF: What excites you most about being an entrepreneur? 
AB: I think that among the many exciting things, having the opportunity to dream the dream and execute on the vision is the most exciting. It’s also incredibly special to see people embrace your dream and build with you so it’s part of a bigger purpose. I’m so grateful for the opportunities and people being an entrepreneur has allowed me to connect with and what has grown from being able to do life alongside the people who share in the vision.

AZF: What is your “life motto”? 
AB: I can, I will. Also, Maya Angelou’s quote, which is our North Star… “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

AZF: How do you feel best supported? 
AB: I feel best supported when I’m surrounded by people who have energy, energy for life, are excited about what they have going on and just overall glass-half-full people who aim to be the best version of themselves. I really gravitate towards people and spaces that radiate that energy and I’m super grateful to communities like FOUNDRESS for creating that space.

AZF: What motivates you to keep going amidst of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur? 
AB: It’s about more than money, this is a personal mission where I truly believe the impact we have on people is so much bigger than me. It’s absolutely hard and there are days that are really challenging when you have employees who are W2. It’s a lot of responsibility but I have a vision, next level faith that buoys me, a supportive team and family. I realize how blessed I am to be in this moment so just like anything there are great days and not so awesome days, but nothing is permanent. When I feel like it’s all super heavy I remind myself that on the other side of this “not awesome” moment is something great & the truth is, without those not so awesome moments the highs wouldn’t feel so good.

AZF: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out?
AB: Be consistent. Every day keep walking towards the goal. I think this Martin Luther King Jr quote really says it best, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” And that’s it… every day … keep moving forward.

AZF: Describe your perfect Saturday morning. 
AB: I love having breakfast on the patio with my family, I love waking up early to have a slow morning where I can casually sip my coffee or tea (whatever I’m into that day) allowing myself to relax and enjoy the day, spend time outside getting that Vitamin D and really just enjoying the time and being in it, whether that’s playing with stuffed animals with my daughters or meeting friends for brunch. Typically Saturdays you can find me at The Sparkle Bar because weekends are our busiest and I love being here and being in this space and energy where we get to unleash sparkle babes and see clients walk out the door more confident than when they walked in. It’s so awesome to get to be part of the special moments in people’s lives. I’m incredibly grateful that we get to do this and honored that they choose ✨ sparkle.

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