Trendsetter to Know: Tiffany Taplashvili, Creator of Arizona’s First Luxury Candy Boards

Name: Tiffany Taplashvili

Instagram: @tiffanyscandyco


Age: 28

Married/Single: Married

Kids: 3 kids (Ariel, Michelle, Emily)

City you live in: North Glendale 

A typical day in my life includes… A day in my life includes, waking up at 7, dropping off kids to school, creating content, making boards/ shipping out orders, networking events, meeting new clients and friends, making family’s favorite dinner and organizing the house 💕

I was born… I was born and raised in New York. My husband and I moved to AZ in 2012. 

My favorite thing about Arizona… I love Arizona winters, Mountain View’s, scenic drives, and desert living! 

I’m listening to… I love listening to house and dance music especially when I’m driving alone! 

My family… My family is my motivation to be bigger and better in my business! They love hearing about my success, Sales, and peoples reviews about my candy boards.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… If I could have dinner with anyone, it’d be, Grant Cardone. He’s an amazing Speaker, influencer, sales trainer and over all I enjoy listening to his advice! 

One thing I cannot live without… One thing I cannot live without is my phone! I spend hours on end perfecting my business and since I’m always on the go, my phone is always in my right hand, researching, updating, and improving my work! 

I’m inspired by… I’m inspired by my mom! She always taught me to be in a position to give more than I take. That really stuck with me. Therefore, every month 10% of my sales goes to a local organization. The month of May it’s Arizona Helping hands. I’ve worked with them in the past for a toy drive and they are an amazing organization 💕

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… If I could change anything in the world, it’d be to get rid of bullies. They’re just mean! Myself and most people I know have been a victim of bullying. I recently started Arizona Bully Awareness on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully soon it’ll be a live foundation! 

The perfect day would be… The perfect day for me would be sitting by the beach with my husband watching my kids enjoy the the warm sand WITHOUT throwing any tantrums 🤣

My first job was… My first job was a camp counselor in Miami Florida.

My favorite escape… My favorite escape is the sauna and steam room at Life Time Fitness.

I’m currently working on… I’m currently working on perfecting my products, a new website, and working with big companies for corporate gifts! 

Always… Always be grateful.

Never… Never be late.

Favorite Quote… “Always give more than you take”

Biggest Dream… My biggest dream is too have my products in stores all over the U.S.! 

My Pet Peeve(s)… My pet peeve is when people are late or overstay their welcome 🤯

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