Trendsetter to Know: Mandy McGee of Kaktus & Koppar

Name: Mandy McGee / Kaktus & Koppar

Instagram: KaktusandKoppar


Age: 31

Title: Owner of Kaktus & Koppar

Married/Single: Engaged

Kids: 2 (5 and 1 ½ )

City you live in:  Mesa

I was born… I was born in Berkeley, California, and lived in the bay area until about 13 when I moved to Colorado and enjoyed my teens and early 20’s falling in love with the mountains. Between the two I formed an amazing connection and understanding for both city life and nature; the best of both worlds.

My favorite thing about Arizona… Arizona is blessed with the most amazing array of landscape backdrops to live in (or produce events in 😀 ) Across just one state we have quiet open desert, pine-filled mountain tops, to some of the most Instagram-worthy canyons and hiking ranges. 

One thing I cannot live without… CARBS. My food pyramid consists of pasta, bread, and potatoes and I cook like a Southern woman feeding a family of 10; cover it in butter, fry it, and make lots of it!

I’m inspired by… Creative design, especially through repurposing. I have an obsession with upcycling and DIY to create beautiful and functional looks and pieces. 

The one person who motivates me is… I love the fact that I am actually a self-motivator. When I see all the work I’ve put into something come to life it gives me such a fire to keep creating. When inspiration hits there’s nothing stopping me; even if it’s two in the morning. 

The perfect day would be… “I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.”  – Miss Congeniality

My favorite escape… My favorite escape is a cold day with falling rain. Bundled up on a porch with a hot cup of tea, a book, and just listening to the rain hit the trees, the roof, and the ground; THAT is an escape. Nothing full of grandeur or elaborate beaches. Just simply peacefulness you can find at home. 

Always… salt your pasta water, make wishes on shooting stars, and ALWAYS breathe in every moment because before you know it they’ve already become memories. 

Never… take advice from anyone who has no investment in the outcome. You will always be your own best advocate and ally.

Biggest Dream… My biggest dream would be to grow in a way that I can produce events outside of the state, maybe even the country. I’d love to create unique and beautiful scenes and memories in awe-inspiring locations.

My Pet Peeve(s)… My biggest pet peeve is dishonesty. I find that we build the most meaningful and long-lasting relationships with people from friends, family, and loved ones when we are transparent and honest both to others as well as ourselves. 

More About Mandy McGee:
I started my career at an early age and have been serving in hospitality for over a decade. Along my journey, I’ve delved into many avenues of hospitality and service from Country Clubs, Casinos, Hotels, Bars, Concert Venues, and Special Events. My expertise and experience in so many realms of hospitality and events give me a cutting edge in the Event Planning and Management industry because I understand all of the ins and outs, and all of the little details from venue management to food and beverage production, necessary to make an event successful.  

From this love of creativity, design, and hospitality and the tools in my arsenal to head the charge, came the idea to start my own business doing what I love; and so came Kaktus & Koppar. Through Kaktus & Koppar, I focus my event approach on a combination of creative design style as well as focus on budget and how they intermingle to form one beautiful event. While I love and work with all styles, my personal favorite aesthetic focuses on rustic farmhouse meet modern playful.

I aim to make memorable experiences for my clients while allowing them to enjoy the moment and let me handle the details.

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