Trendsetter to Know: Lilach Mazor Power of Giving Tree Dispensary

Name: Lilach Mazor Power 


Instagram: @lilachmazorpower  / @revelrycann 


Age: 41

Title: Founder and CEO

Married/Single: Married 

Kids: Two boys

City you live in: Scottsdale

A typical day in my life includes… I wake up at 5:15 and head out for my 6 a.m. pilates class at Reformed Pilates Arcadia or a hot yoga class at @radi8 . By 8 a.m., I am at the office. 

My work schedule varies. Some days I can focus on our growth plan, meet with people for lunch or happy hour for networking and business development. Some days are all about the fires, when things keep happening that need my immediate attention. Other days are all about emailing with the team. 

I usually leave work at 5 p.m. and go home to spend the evenings with my family. This time is often dedicated to their activities or homework. We mostly cook dinners at home together.

I was born…In Israel

My favorite thing about Arizona… The landscape! So much to explore here in Arizona.  I also love that two hours north of Phoenix we have a ski resort, lakes, mountains, and a completely different landscape. It’s a beautiful state. 

I’m listening to…business/entrepreneur books and podcasts

My family… Is “my why”

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Phil Knight (Founder of Nike) – I loved his book The Shoe Dog and I recommend it to every entrepreneur. Successful business owners that share their rollercoaster inspire me, it helps knowing even they went through tough times. People don’t share the hard times in our Instagram world.

One thing I cannot live without… Coffee. Definitely need my caffeine 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… The CEO of McDonalds or Phillip Morris… I know, it’s an odd one, but it’s true 🙂

I’m inspired by… I find inspiration daily from different people. Other entrepreneurs, women in leadership positions, my team, stories of people changing the world, kindness, my family, my kick a$$ sisters and mostly, my parents, the ultimate story of hard life, hard work and making it all work. 

 The one person who motivates me is…my boys. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… to end the legacy of hate that is so often fueled by racism and prejudice. Learning how to accept others and rising against the inherited racism so many of us carry would change the world. 

The perfect day would be… Traveling. It’s my ultimate reward for hard work. It’s what makes it all worth it. 

My first job was… a server. I ended up working in the food and beverage industry until I made the move to the cannabis industry. I loved it. 

My favorite escape… Daily escape is my workout, an hour dedicated to myself. Other than that my escape is my travel time. Exploring new places is the ultimate escape.

My life… is amazing!  It’s busy, with more ups than down, which makes it never boring and I love it. 

I’m currently working on… a new cannabis brand! I am so excited to release Revelry Summer 2021. It’s a cannabis product line designed to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.  It is wonderful and honest and the coolest project I’ve worked on. 

Always… Try your best

Never…Say “I can’t”

Favorite Quote… Success is not always what you see. I often remind myself that people who talk a lot, don’t always have the strongest foundation. The entrepreneur journey is a roller coaster. The important thing is to keep believing, keep pushing forward, and don’t let people get in your head.

Biggest Dream… I am always attracted to making a difference and impacting women’s lives in a positive way. I would love to start a movement to change the way girls envision their future by providing career-focused opportunities and supporting female independence. 

My Pet Peeve(s)…People that put doubt in our minds. That makes us question our dreams, our abilities or our paths. 

More About Lilach Mazor Power:
Lilach Mazor Power is the founder and CEO at Giving Tree Dispensary, an Arizona-licensed, a vertically integrated cannabis company. Born and raised in Israel, Power served in the Israeli Defense Forces and graduated from New England College in Tel Aviv before moving to the United States.  In 2013, she established the Giving Tree Dispensary which remains the only Arizona dispensary with majority female ownership. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Power is also a brand builder and industry spokesperson. She helped formulate the Kindred and Katatonic cannabis lifestyle lines and is launching a new cannabis brand for menopause, Revelry. Power has also presented at large-scale business conferences stateside and abroad.

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