Trendsetter to Know: Dave Chamberlin of Chamberlin + Associates, LLC

Name: Dave Chamberlin

Facebook: Chamberlin + Associates, LLC

Instagram: Working on it (still getting used to using social media, I guess that makes me old school)


Age: 56

Title: Owner

Married/Single: In a relationship

Kids: I have 2 sons who I am very proud of.

Corbin is an Editor/Writer, he has written for The NY times, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, and other well-known publications.

Dylan is 21 yrs. old has proudly stepped up to join the family business. He currently oversees current renovations/construction projects while creating his own path within the Chamberlin companies.

City you live in: Phoenix

A typical day in my life includes…  My day starts at 4:30 am sitting at my home desk with my coffee strategizing on my businesses.  This quality time is very important to me, some of my most successful ideas had come from these early mornings of no interruptions. What most people don’t know is that by the time I get to my office, I have already worked 3-4 hours. My day continues with a workout (I like to eat so I must work out 6 days out of the week, minimum) 

Then, let the fun begin at the office, I spend my days meeting with my teams. With 5 businesses it is important that my teams feel supported. They can work with me one on one or as a group.

In the evening, I enjoy having a family dinner at home, venturing out to a local restaurant or watching the latest movie in theatres. I finish my night with a good book before bed.

I was born… in California

My favorite thing about Arizona… The climate. Arizona has some of the best weather. No matter what time of the year you can explore what the state has to offer.

Plus the opportunities our state has to offer for businesses are unlimited. 

I’m listening to… I am currently listening to Tony Robbins or Alternative music during my workouts. However, I find my taste in music changes from day to day. 

My family… is everything. I have been gifted the opportunity to work side by side with my family. My Brother, as well as his boys, have been an important part of Chamberlin’s growth and success.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Elon Musk. He has an insight that is unmatched in today’s environment.

One thing I cannot live without… My Harley Davidson.  Sometimes after a day of meetings and problem solving, I find it healing to take a ride.

When I was younger, I wanted to … to drive a tractor. I was so sure when I was younger that would be my profession as an adult.

I’m inspired by… my father. He showed me that nothing in life is free, you must be committed and work hard for the things you want in life. He always role modeled to our family that consistency and dedication are the keys to success. He still comes into the office from time to time, and I enjoy showing him where we have taken the Chamberlin name. Proud moments for my family!

The one person who motivates me is…  Flor my partner in life. She has kept me grounded whether it be at home or at work, I can trust that her advice comes from a place of experience and love.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… having to wear a mask due to COVID19.

The perfect day would be… the day I walk into my office and my kids/family are running the businesses and no longer need me. 

My first job was… clearing construction sites for my father’s company.

My favorite escape… is on an open road riding my Harley with Flor on the back listening to our favorite songs.

My life… is getting close to being well balanced.

I’m currently working on… building a larger office for my Corporate Teams. We have seen such tremendous growth we needed more space.

Always… look to the future.

Never… dwell on past mistakes.

Favorite Quote… “You cannot manage what you do not measure”, Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker means that you can’t know whether you are successful unless success is defined and tracked.

Biggest Dream… am living it now.  I love to travel and watch my family grow.

My Pet Peeve(s)… When people have no drive to learn or do better in both life and at work. Wanting to grow has to come from within.

More About Dave Chamberlin:
As the second generation in a family of professional property managers, I was born to be in this business. Due to my upbringing in the multi-family property management business, I offer a unique perspective on fee management—my goal is to ensure that all Chamberlin + Associates business arrangements are highly profitable for the clients the company serves. 

I attended Arizona State University in Tempe and earned several professional accreditations in the real estate field. In my 30 plus years I have successfully managed over 40,000 apartment units. 

As an owner of 5 businesses, it’s rewarding to me that I can contribute and provide job opportunities for my community.

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