Camilla Swagar

Camilla Swagger

Name:  Camilla Swagar




Age: 33

Title: Founder, Love Me Run – Matchmaking 5K

Married/Single: Single

Kids: None Yet

City you live in: Scottsdale

A typical day in my life includes… running, quite literally, followed by a protein shake beside my laptop as I start my day.

I was born… in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

My favorite thing about Arizona… is my nephews and sunsets.

I’m listening to… #Girlboss Radio on Podbay by Sophia Amoruso.

My family… is what I value most in my life

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Deepak Chopra and/or Tim Ferris.

One thing I cannot live without…  Zipfizz.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a Cosmetic Dentist.

I’m inspired by… my belated Grandfather, who was an entrepreneur and taught me many lesson both in life and business.

The one person who motivates me is… my oldest brother Ryan.  His support helps me to believe in myself.  His example has taught me to think big, aim high and to have a positive outlook as I create.  Ryan is the older sibling that every younger sister deserves to have.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… abuse of any kind.

The perfect day would be… Vacation in Montana at the Cabin. Chill with my Brother and Nephews (ages 3 / 5). Spend the day on the Lake, steak dinner, friends, always end the day with meditation.

My first job was… sold corn out of the back of a truck, on the side of a road, in a small town.

My favorite escape… Going to our home in California for a weekend getaway.

My life… is awesome.

I’m currently working on… Love Me Run Matchmaking 5K – April 16 th – Tempe, Arizona.  Next Up…California – June 11 th !

Always… Think. Say. Do.  That’s my personal mantra.  Your thoughts become your words, which in turn become your actions… So I ALWAYS try be careful with my thoughts.

Never… let fear be my decision maker.

Favorite Quote… she thought she could and so she did.

Biggest Dream… continue to have success in my personal and professional life. Perhaps meet a tall, handsome gentlemen along the way to assist me with accomplishing a life goal or two. 😉

My Pet Peeve(s)… selfish individuals.

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