Trendsetter to Know: Dr. Kris Birkeland, President & Partner, Joint Ventures LLC

Name: Dr. Kris Birkeland 

Twitter: @krisbirkeland


Instagram: @krisbirkeland


Age: 42-years young

Title: President and Partner, Joint Ventures LLC. Regional Developer and Operator of 60 Joint Chiropractic Franchise locations

Married/Single: Married for 14 years to my Best Friend and Partner, Coltlee Birkeland

Kids: 9-year-old Sophie who is fire and passion, and 7-year-old Jake who is cool as a cucumber

City you live in: North Central Corridor in Phoenix

A typical day in my life includes: An early morning wake up and breakfast with my family while co-wrangling two kids to be ready to walk out the door for school. Dropping off at St. Francis Xavier each day comes with the additional treat of Pledge & Prayer that allows for a nice way to start the workday, send off the kids and get center. Working from home overseeing a company of 60 different locations and 300+ employees is a bit of a hodge podge for what the day brings, but it’s never boring. I try to make sure I get to the gym or ride the Peloton for a solid sweat in the day then back to parenting which includes homework, problems of the day, coaching duties, and whatever is thrown our way.

I was born in: New Rockford, North Dakota. Small town in a small state but a GREAT place to be from.

My favorite thing about Arizona is: The variety. People always mention the heat but this state has so much to offer from urban to rural, hot to cool, cosmopolitan to quaint. We enjoy exploring the state in our off-road trailer camper and cruising our neighborhood on bikes. Get outside!

I’m listening to: Morgan Wallen at the moment, but my Apple Music is very eclectic. Lots of country but equal amounts hip hop that my kids can’t listen to, oldies, folk, classical, rock. 

My family is: Everything. There is not one decision or thought I have that does not get weighed against my love and responsibility to my family. That’s not hokey, that’s just straight up true.

If I could have dinner with anyone (other than my wife or member of my family plus dead or alive), it would be: Robert F. Kennedy. He was going to be a transcended person in our country who understood politics but also saw the social issues that still plague our country today. The era he lived in is the most fascinating to me in our history and he was a figure who transcended the matters of the day, Civil Rights, Vietnam, Social Protest and others.

One thing I cannot live without is: Music. I love having music on whether it is in the forefront of the experience or just in the background of something, I believe it enriches a moment. I used to do hellishly long mountain bike races and a decade plus later I can hear a song and remember being eight hours in on a bike, lonely and wondering why I voluntarily did this. That song is what brings me to that memory and frames it as positive!

When I was younger: I wanted to be a baseball player. This was my only dream job. Everything else just seemed like work. It’s clear why I have brought so many of those lessons and experiences of sports to my career and leadership approach.

I’m inspired by: Growth. Personal growth, professional growth, business growth, emotional growth. I just enjoy building or progressing. Staying the same or maintaining is boring. I suck at tasks and need challenges that require finding and executing unique solutions.

The one person who motivates me is: My mom. Sorry dad! My mother is THE strongest, kindest, most thoughtful and driven person I have ever seen in this world. I’ll sum it up by saying she once cut off the tip of her finger while trimming a bush with gas trimmer, bandaged it back on, finished the job then made dinner, and probably did something kind for someone after. Hard as nails, as caring as a saint.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be: The way most people treat others. There are a million problems and conflicts in our world but if the Golden Rule was hardwired and had no Jailbreak code then it would solve a significant amount.

The perfect day would be: Waking up on West Lake McDonald to pure glass on the water, diving off the dock to get a fresh start to the day, having a cup of coffee on the deck as the kids slowly wake up. Lazily spending the day from biking, boating, lounging, bocci balling, mowing a little grass to get the fresh cut smell, grilling at 7 p.m. with three hours of sunlight left, pontoon ride at sunset, drink a couple of beers in the garage visiting with family and music in the background. Also, I got to live this perfect day almost the entire summer 2022 with some work sprinkled in the middle of each one.

My first job was: Cleaning sweat off machines at L.A. Fitness. Let’s not talk about that anymore.

My favorite escape is: Yard work. Headphones on. Mowing, trimming, blowing, you name it. There is so much thoughtful time in doing yardwork. The whole time there is progression towards the final improved product and afterward you can stand back and savor what your hard work created.

My life is: A blessing. I work hard, I try to be the best person I can be, I’m considerate to others, treat people the way they want to be treated and take nothing for granted.

I’m currently working on: Balance. Finding it between work, family, exercise and play. If anyone found it, please reach out.

Always: Be honest. Honesty and integrity are the foundations of being a good person in my mind.

Never: Miss a chance to tell or show someone you love them. A close second is something my Uncle Bob once told me, and it’s pretty important growing up in North Dakota. Never pee into the wind.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Biggest Dream is: To go back to the 1998 State Championship Baseball Game and not get slightly under that fat hanging curve ball thrown to me in extra innings that would have won the game had I hit it right. 

My Pet Peeve is: When people are standing at cash register after having all their items wrung up and THEN they realize they have to pay and dig out their wallet. What did you think was going to happen next? You just leave?  I’ve calculated that if everyone was prepared to pay at the moment it’s their turn to complete the transaction there would never be a line in any grocery store across America.

Bio on yourself/company: Dr. Kris Birkeland is the regional developer and operator of 60 Joint Chiropractic franchise locations. He is also the President and Partner of Joint Ventures, LLC. He is a member of PCH50, also known as “The Fifty.” PCH50 has a mission to harness the energy, enthusiasm and experience of 50 driven community leaders as the next generation supporters of Phoenix Children’s through financial fundraising, volunteer efforts and awareness building. This year, Dr. Birkeland has taken a large role in helping plan the 9th annual Concours in the Hills, a collector car show where all proceeds benefit Phoenix Children’s.  

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