Trendsetter to Know: Dr. Kenneth Boren

Name: Kenneth R. Boren, MD MBA FACP FACE FASN FCRS

Twitter: @RayKenBoren

Facebook: @kboren

Instagram: @kennethboren6


Age: 76

Title: Physician

Married: Rebecca Boren, PhD

Kids: 6—Jennifer, James, Michael, Peter, Nicholas, Benjamin

Present location: Mesa, Arizona

A Typical Day In My Life includes: A typical day involves working with a personal trainer three days a week, reading the Wall Street Journal daily, and reviewing a few apps and guides I check daily. A couple of days a week, I act as Principal Investigator at Centricity Research, where we conduct cutting-edge research and clinical trials to advance the newest vaccines available to prevent respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  In my free time, I work on two old cars: a1965 ford Mustang convertible and Pontiac GTO to get them running, and with the time left, I’ve been organizing all of the pictures my family has taken over the years and scanning them into the computer. 

I was born… in Cynthiana, Indiana, a town of 700 in southwest Indiana. I moved to Scottsdale when I was 12 years old and graduated from Coronado High School, Arizona State University and Indiana University school of medicine.

My favorite things about Arizona are… the winters, the diversity of the state, and the ability to see snow and ice whenever I feel the need, which is not very often.

I love listening to… audio books, and I am interested in cool jazz, which surprised me. It helps me relax.

My family is… important to me. I have six children, my daughter Jennifer and five sons. My daughter was a second mother to my kids. My wife has a Ph.D. in industrial engineering and taught at ASU.

If I could have dinner with anyone… This can change almost daily, but for now, I would have loved to have dinner with David McCullough. I love history, and he has written many good books on multiple aspects of American history.  He recently died, but I have read most of his books.

I’m inspired by… People who can inspire a change in a person, business, industry or country.

The one person who motivates me is… My grandfather was an excellent example to me of how to be a good father and man.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… to improve health care by making it more affordable and accessible, and of the best quality. 

The perfect day would be… a day in our house in Poulsbo, Washington State during the summer, talking with interesting people and enjoying time on the Puget Sound.

My first job was… as a bagger at Safeway in Scottsdale. I was 14.

My favorite escape… would be a great car and a long windy road near a scenic place. 

My life… has been an adventure and a journey.

I’m currently working on… getting more organized, but I have been working on this project for most of my life.

Always… Learn something new each day and share it.

Never… be afraid of doing something new no matter your age. 

My favorite quote is… from Steve Jobs: “The journey is the reward.”

Biggest dream… We could see some common sense and bipartisanships with our elective officials, so that we can accomplish some complicated things, like water, mental health, public health and health care in general.

My pet peeve(s)…. I have several pet peeves—one being when people don’t open their minds to different possibilities. As an example, I was recently told about a friend who went to McDonald’s and purchased lunch for $4.25. My friend gave the cashier a five-dollar bill and a 25-cent piece. The cashier was unsure what to do with this amount, so went to the manager. The manager came and talked with my friend, saying that we don’t do this. I’m a strong believer in encouraging people to think for themselves and problem solve.

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