Lee P. Laris


Name: Lee P. Laris

Age: 57

Title: Medical Director of Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group and Phoenix Skin Spa

Married/Single: Married

Kids: Yes an 8 year old son

City you live in: Phoenix

A typical day in my life includes: Work, gym, a home cooked dinner with my wife and son (she’s my favorite chef!), then relaxing together watching a TV show, usually something on cartoon network or nat geo that my son enjoys.

I was born in: Rochester, PA

My favorite thing about Arizona is: It’s the perfect base, the beach, mountains and major cities are just a short flight away.  And I love the weather.

I’m listening to: an audiobook, “Smarter, Faster, Better: The secrets of being productive in life and business ” by Charles Duhigg

My family: is the most important part of my life.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be: my maternal great grandfather.  He was born in 1860 in Sparta, Greece and was an exporter and traveled the world.  I’d love to trade travel stories with him.

One thing I cannot live without: great food and wine.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a: Doctor, that’s the only career I’ve wanted ever since could remember.

The one person who motivates me is: with all humility, me. Luckily, I’ve always been a very self motivated person.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be: to end the hatred that’s so pervasive for seemingly no reason at all.

My first job was: as a cook at Dairy Queen

My favorite escape: Anywhere in Europe/Asia

My life: is the most rewarding its ever been

I’m currently working on: My new med spa that specializes in 30 minute treatments for acne, rejuvenation and age reversal.

Always: Ask why

Never Stop: asking why

Favorite Quote: “Everything will be fine at the end. If it’s not fine, it’s not the end”

Biggest Dream: I am living it now; being balanced and happy in my personal and business life.

My Pet Peeve(s): When someone begins a sentence, then says “never mind.”


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