What’s With The New Neon? This Modern LED Light is Coloring Your Home

Brite Lite makes the affordable neon signs with endless possibilities for decorating. They’re easy to install and for those that prefer a little less brightness, they can easily be dimmed and operated via remote control.

Add a pop of color to your home office that brightens the mood of your work from home space. Unlike neon lighting of the past, Brite Lite is safe and durable to decorate a kid’s room or a nursery. 

Create It, Get It & ‘Lite’ It Up!

– Choose your personal message

– Pick your preferred font

– Select from a range of neon colors

– Choose your acrylic cut

– Pick the size

Simply hang your sign and plug it in! It’s as easy as hanging a picture and comes with a power adaptor, remote control and options for dimming and flash modes.

Looking for something more personalized?

The Brite Lite Team takes requests through their Next Level Design department.

For more information, visit https://britelitetribe.com

About Brite Lite: 
Founded by a husband and wife team in South Florida, Tom and Lisa set out to share their local technicolor influences with everyone.

Both spent years within the event planning industry, so personalization and customization come second nature with this company.

They offer high-end design assistance and support that only brighten your shopping experience.

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