What Does Your Home Smell Like?

Sometimes, an aroma triggers a memory. A memory of comfort, a memory of childhood, or any other numerous situations. The smell of vanilla always reminds me of my grandma baking in the kitchen. Likewise, I hope that the inviting smell of my home will one day serve as a comforting memory for visitors to my home. If baking isn’t your thing, sweet aromas can still infuse your home by way of scented candles that are light and not overpowering.

New from k. hall designs are three unique scents, all of which are available in both candles and reed diffusers.

• Concord Grape — a mix of rich warm grape and wood undertones.

• Driftwood — a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and watery notes.

• Tonic – a scent of rich, effervescent lime.



These candles feature a blend of soy and other vegetable oils that burns cleaner than low-grade paraffin waxes and is not “mushy” like straight soy. This blend has superior fragrance holding capabilities, allowing aroma to radiate further, and is made from renewable sources grown by American farmers. An all cotton core wick ensures a long, clean burn. Candles come in a glass jars with aluminum covers and burn 60 hours. Made in theUSA by hand. $25

To learn more, visit www.khalldesigns.com.


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