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One thing I love about really old movies is when a character sits down behind a vintage typewriter to express some poignant detail about where the plot is heading. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted a vintage typewriter, not for functionality but for the story behind them. Their interesting lines also make them a standout home accessory.


Poetic Home, a website and shop dedicated to vintage treasures, recently released its coveted collection of vintage Olivetti Valentines. Olivetti Valentine typewriters, which were known as the anti-writing machine, are revered for their innovative design and forward styling.

“It’s indeed for good reason that the Olivetti Valentine is a permanent part of the MoMA Collection. From the styling of its case to the lines of the body, this typewriter simply exudes modernism, despite the fact that was originally designed in 1969,” explains Grace Light, the treasure proprietor and editor of Poetic Home.

All of the Olivetti Valentines available in the Poetic Home Etsy shop were made in the Olivetti plants in either Barcelona, Spain, or Italy. The vintage typewriters in the Poetic Home collection are all from the original manufacturing facilities from 1969 through the 1970s, in contrast the tribute models made in 1989 in Mexico.

Interestingly, when the Olivetti Valentine was originally introduced, it was not considered a “success” based upon the number of units sold. Yet it was this same design that has gone on to capture the attention of even today’s design world. In expounding upon the typewriter’s popularity, Light explains, “For the modern typewriter collector, the Olivetti Valentine is the must-have gem. The Olivetti Valentines in the Poetic Home shop have been fortunate enough to enjoy features in design blogs like design*sponge and Apartment Therapy, which I attribute to the power of Ettore Sottsass’ design vision.”

Olivetti Valentines can be purchased from Poetic Home’s Etsy shop for $500 to $600, depending upon the condition of the typewriter and case. “I wanted to offer these design gems at a more affordable price than the market appraisals, as I love sharing the joy of these vintage typewriters with literary and design enthusiasts,” clarifies Light.

Poetic Home is a blog and Etsy shop inspired by vintage typewriters, antique treasures, reupholstered furniture, and repurposing ideas. Whether you are looking for information about your antique typewriter or ideas on how to transform vintage junk into chic décor, Poetic Home strives to be a source of inspiration.

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