Transform Your Streaming Experience With Wipliance’s Whole-Home Audio System


Scottsdale-area residents looking to enhance their at-home living can enjoy a high-end audio experience wherever they are in their home with Wipliance’s whole-home audio system. The state-of-the art smart home technology brings high-performance music and other media to every corner of your home and into your outdoor spaces for the optimal sound and entertainment experience. 

Easily controlled by your smartphone, the Wipliance whole-home audio system features high-performance speakers that are expertly placed in your home’s ceilings and walls to transform every room with unparalleled acoustics, clarity and sound staging when you stream your favorite songs, podcasts and more. 

The system can also extend into your backyard or patio using satellite landscape and bollard speakers, as well as underground subwoofers, to create even coverage throughout your entire property and offer limitless entertainment and luxurious outdoor living. 

The Control4 platform allows users to stream their favorite music in specific rooms and areas within the home, or you can choose to have one song flow throughout the entire home and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the multiple streaming zones, each person can select a different area so that everyone in the family can listen to their own playlist at the same time, whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or backyard. 

The Control4 platform also allows users to program different ambiances and create the perfect mood for specific occasions and times of day. When integrated into your home’s automation, you can even sync the music with the lighting in different rooms. For example, a tap of the “Dinner” button on the control screen will soften the dining area lights and play an evening tune of your choice. 

Wipliance’s integrated audio system is compatible with a range of audio sources, including vinyl, media servers, like Netflix, and your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more. With its high performing sound technology, the whole-home audio system will transform any dedicated listening room or home theater into front row seats at a live show. 

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