Three Kitchen Countertop Trends for Summer

By Amber Carfield at Kitchens by Good Guys

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It serves as a cooking space, a family space, and a communal space. You want your kitchen to look great since it serves so many functions. One of the best ways to improve the look of your kitchen is by remodeling your kitchen countertops. Countertops are the biggest part of your kitchen and changing them can completely alter the look and feel of your kitchen. I and my team at Kitchens by Good Guys have remodeled a lot of kitchens this summer and these remodels have helped us zone in on what Valley residents are really asking for in their countertops. Here are the three biggest countertop trends Valley Homeowners are implementing in their kitchens.

Marble styled quartz

Hands down the most popular countertop trend is quartz made to look like white marble. This manmade stone is made to look like solid white marble with gold or grey veins running through it. It matches the look of real marble while being easier to maintain and more budget friendly. Regular marble is a beautiful but very porous and soft material so spilling wine or an acidic liquid on a marble countertop can cause it to stain. Marbled quartz is not porous so no stains or germs will seep into the stone. White marbled quartz is the most popular but we are seeing homeowners go in the opposite direction with black or charcoal quartz countertops. This style can give your kitchen a more masculine feel and serve as a nice contrast if the rest of your kitchen uses brighter colors. The downside to dark colors is they are more prone to showing finger smudges.  Quartz countertops are popular across the board.

Installing wood countertops in accent areas

A lot of homeowners have been asking for the installation of wood countertops in accent areas. This means installing natural wood countertops on your kitchen island, buffet, or bar while the other countertops are made of a material such as quartz. Natural wood is popular because it has such a unique look and feel that is hard to replicate in a faux-wood style. You get so much variety in a wood countertop with different styles of graining and a mixture of light and dark colors in one piece. Plus, the warm feeling you get when touching a natural wood countertop is a sensation you can’t feel anywhere else. Natural wood countertops just do a great job at making your kitchen feel warm and welcoming.

Remodeling with natural stone

We are seeing a lot of homeowners request natural stone countertops made from either granite or quartzite. Quartzite sounds similar to the term quartz but the difference is that quartz is manmade and produced while quartzite is a natural slab of stone. Using natural stone is popular because like natural wood the look and feel are really unique. Natural stone has so much color, depth, and beauty that give your kitchen a strong and sophisticated look. Natural stone is also resistant to chipping and is easy to take care of since it is dense and hard.

Kitchen countertops are the biggest features in your home and picking the right style of countertop can set the mood of your entire kitchen. There are so many styles of countertops that will give your kitchen the beautiful and unique look it deserves.  

Amber Carfield is the Design Director at Kitchens by Good Guys, a kitchen remodeling company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Carfield has worked in the kitchen remodeling industry since 2000 and is an expert on all aspects of a kitchen remodel.

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