Scottsdale Company Turns Indoor and Outdoor Walls into Lush Landscapes


By Lila Baltman

Now that many have endured several, long weeks of self-isolation and quarantine in their homes, a growing number of people have become incredibly tired and bored of looking at the same indoor and outdoor walls of their home. In fact, so many have felt cooped up and practically ready to bounce off the walls that they’re now ready and willing to make a big, drastic change to their walls.

Every week, more Valley residents are learning about the ingenuity and creativity of Scottsdale-based Wall Sensations.

Wall Sensations produces large, colorful photographic wall murals that can completely transform the look and feel of any indoor or outdoor space. Instead of looking at drab-colored grey or brown backyard concrete walls, many residents are now choosing instead to look out at bright and lush floral gardens, tropical beaches, calming waterfalls, colorful sunsets, serene garden paths and many other beautiful, outdoor settings.

Founded in 2006 by owner Alan Gellman, Wall Sensations offers hundreds of striking photographic images for clients to choose from sunsets, mountains, golf courses, beaches, clouds, waterfalls, Southwest scenes, and more. Virtually any scene you want can be reproduced on their waterproof, fade-resistant, lightweight and flame-retardant material. The company’s photographic murals can also be used indoors on the walls of home offices, children’s rooms, in man caves and wherever else a homeowner or business owner wants to hang up an indoor photographic mural. You can even customize the experience and use one of your own favorite photos.

“Some of our customers actually decide to do a quarterly change out in their backyards,” says Gellman. “They order a beautiful garden scene for a few months and then they order a different outdoor scene for fall or spring or winter.” Any home that features a Walls Sensations mural quickly becomes the “must see” backyard on the block.

Wall Sensations also has the capability of covering up the outside walls of commercial properties. Many Valley business owners have dramatically improved the outside look of their business fronts by installing an eye-popping photographic mural.

Wall Sensations’ outdoor murals can cover any size wall or fence. The company is able to cover 16-ft. heights by 150-ft. lengths if needed without a seam. Once a customer decides on the photo they want, Wall Sensations sends an associate out to carefully measure the wall and gets the exact dimensions. Then a designer proportions the image to the wall’s dimensions so it looks natural. Cost of the photographic murals range from $5 to $12 per square foot.

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