Pets2Bed Offers Chic Dog Crates to Match the Home

We all love our pets, but sometimes the necessary accessories that come with them are not very chic. Forget about the squeaky toys lying around the living room, we’re talking about the bulky dog crates that, besides from being a comfy place for your pup to rest his head each night, are really just an eye sore in terms of home décor.

Pets2Bed recognized this and can offer you the best of both worlds: a happy pet and a happy home. The Hardwood Hideaway Bed (offered in various colors including natural, mahogany and espresso) lends itself as a great bedside table or end table to a sofa, without sacrificing the coziness factor for Fido. These wooden dog crates come with a wooden door slat panel, but it can be easily removed for simple in and out access for your pooch, and it also comes with a foam mattress (because even a dog doesn’t want to sleep on a hard wood surface). Coated in several layers of non-toxic finish, you won’t need to worry about your dog scratching the surface of this wood, either. This Hardwood Hideaway Bed is available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large), ensuring each and every size of dog—from your tea cup poodle to your great dane—fits perfectly in the crate. The Hardwood Hideaway Bed retails for about $400 on the Pets2Bed Web site.

As an alternative to the Hardwood Hideaway Bed, this wicker dog crate offers a neutral color scheme and a sophistication not found in most dog crates. While it’s important to have style, pet products must also be practical, right? This Rhino-wicker crate looks like real rattan wicker, but is much simpler to clean, and it doesn’t absorb fluids or odors (meaning this is one crate you won’t need to hide in the laundry room). About $210.


In addition, Pets2Bed also offers loads of other pet supplies and products—think everything from wooden and wicker beds to insulated dog houses and eco-friendly crate mats. One of my favorites is the chalet wooden dog house (which would be a perfect holiday gift for your dog.) Made of solid fir wood and stained in a natural cedar color, the chalet–which looks just like the human-sized version–is made for medium-size dogs and even has a front porch so your furry friend can see all the outside action without having to peer through a window. About $150.

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  1. I can agree. I have learned the hard way leaving a puppy free to roam my house while away at work. Now she hangs in a not-so-attractive kennel crate for a few more months. Wish I knew of these a few months ago.

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