Outdoor Living Tips from Brown Jordan

Now that we are a few days into September (and hopefully cooler days!), Steve Elton, Brown Jordan‘s chief brand curator, discusses how to create the best outdoor living spaces for your home this fall.

How can readers enjoy their outdoor spaces in the fall? I think an outdoor kitchen is my personal preference when you talk about turning your outdoor spaces into an extension of your home. It’s a way to make the outdoor area more inclusive and functional. If you focus on creating an outdoor kitchen with all of the essential components (like a grill, fridge, storage, sink and aesthetics), you won’t ever have to worry about running back inside your house while you’re entertaining.

What’s a good starting point when trying to revamp an outdoor living area? Start with the landscape. The landscape sets the tone and acts as a starting point for everything else that goes into your outdoor spaces like décor colors, furniture pieces and accessories. The landscaping can either be simple or elaborate which will ultimately determine how many furniture pieces you can fit into your design and overall layout.

What’s the easiest way to freshen up existing outdoor furniture? If you already have furniture, you can always update the pillows, replace your cushions, add new tableware or bring in accessories. At Brown Jordan, we actually offer 126 different fabrics (in a variety of colors and patterns) that are exclusively created for our clients by Sunbrella.

What does the perfect outdoor living space in Arizona look like to you? It’s more seating than dining. When I think of Arizona, there’s a higher inclination towards creating gathering spaces with welcoming seating and lounging areas. Since most people have second homes in Arizona or they specifically move to Arizona for the weather, they’re going to be spending more time outside so you want to try to make those spaces feel like they’re an extension of the home.

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