Not Your Normal Nightstand

It serves as the coffee table of the bedroom—a nightstand should not be neglected when decorating your space. As more than just the table for your glass of water as you fall asleep, your nightstand should be a representation of you. Display your favorite books, a candle in your favorite scent, something meaningful to you, or just about anything that you love. Sleep is an important part of our existence, and decorating your nightstand in a manner that makes you happy and relaxed is almost as important as a comfortable bed. Here are some pieces I love for creating a nice nightstand.


These types of geometric metal tables have really sparked my interest as nightstands lately, as they are very versatile. I love them for storing stacks of my favorite books underneath to have them handy for when I want to read.


As an alternative to traditional candles, I absolutely love scent warmers. They come in the cutest designs and you can change scents often, with tons to choose from. This unique scent warmer from Yankee Candle is gorgeous, and I love its very natural colors. I can’t live without having a scent warmer on my nightstand to keep my room smelling great.


If you’re like me and hate sleeping with any jewelry on, it’s the worst feeling laying down in bed and realizing you still have in your earrings. This is why having a jewelry dish is an absolute essential on my nightstand. These cute eyelash dishes from Anthropologie definitely do the trick.


A table lamp is another nightstand essential. Aside from just a convenient light source near your bed, it can also be great to have for reading. I love this round, eye-catching lamp from West Elm, I think it’s perfect for any nightstand—and it comes in several other colors as well.


I also love keeping fresh flowers on my nightstand to brighten up my bedroom. It’s a nice way to keep changing up the appearance and décor with the changing of the season. These antique brass faceted vases from West Elm add the perfect subtle amount of shine, and would go well with any type of flowers.

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