Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Unveils Pet Throws

You love your pooch, and you crave for evenings to roll around so you can snuggle on the couch with Fido and watch your favorite Netflix originals. But you don’t love the excess stains and fur that come with letting your dog lounge on your couch. That is where Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams comes in.

The luxury brand has announced the introduction of their new must-have Pet Throws that are designed to protect furniture from pet hair, stains and wear with throws that are made in varying sizes to fit your sofa, chair or lounge. You can even get your Pet Throw to match your couch; each pet throw can be made in the same upholstery fabric selected for your furniture and is lined with muslin backing for a finished look. Or feel free to mix things up and choose from any of the 300-plus Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams fabrics.

Pictured: Mitchell and Tim Gold’s Doberman pup Zola. Follow her on Instagram at @amazingzola.

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