Lighting Designer Foscarini Highlights Real People in ‘Vite (Lives)’ Films

As many of us are spending more time at home these days, the quotidian things that surround us in our personal space are as important as ever before.

Lighting designer Foscarini has translated the true meaning of home—safety, family and freedom—through “Vite (Lives)”, a series of films that share personal insights of real life at home from real people to capture a pertinent moment in time.

“A new perspective, an updated viewpoint, an evolution in the way Foscarini operates in relation to its products. The Vite (Lives) project reflects the desire to make people the central focus, to talk about light not starting with the lamp but with those who live with it inside their own intimate space: the home.”

– Foscarini

Filmed by Gianluca Vassallo and narrated by Flavio Soriga, “Vite (Lives)” takes us inside 17 homes, from Copenhagen to Naples, Shanghai and Venice, which are not only beautifully styled and illuminated by Foscarini’s designs, but also tell the stories of the real lives that reside within them.  

Though images, videos and words, each film explores the meaning of the home and its relationship with people, architecture, city and landscape.

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