Illuminate Your Space With These New Chic Lighting Fixtures That are Small Yet Powerful

Ultimate flexibility in a small form factor. DMF Lighting has introduced its new iX Series of 2″ small aperture fixtures that provide the perfect solution for high-quality lighting with a clean, minimal aesthetic.

Wipliance, Arizona’s favorite smart home automation company, is thrilled to partner with DMF Lighting to introduce this product to lighting professionals and homeowners who are looking for powerful impact in a compact and flexible package.

Check out the video below to see the iX series in action on a recent project, making it the very first residential installation of this exciting new product. The Wipliance team replaced six-inch traditional incandescent recessed fixtures with the new iX series by DMF, resulting in better light output and color quality (CRI) than ever before. The impact on ceiling clutter in the before and after shots is incredible! Historically, it has been challenging to deliver high-quality light from a small aperture fixture, but the engineering team at DMF met the challenge with the new iX series- this home has never been so bright.

With the addition of adjustable fixtures pointed at the artwork, key features of the home really stand out. When it comes time to wind down for the day, the lighting transforms from bright white to a warm dim setting to ease into evening.

With a wide variety of design options for round and square trims as well as flangeless solutions, this same fixture can be used both indoors and outdoors- from your kitchen and bedrooms to bathrooms and patio spaces. DMF guarantees dimming compatibility with all major control systems for seamless home automation and offers a ten year warranty on their fixtures.

Need help with creating the perfect smart lighting design, installation and smart home integration for your home? The installation experts at Wipliance (also a 2022 Best of Our Valley winner!) can work with you to find the perfect solution.

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