Flower Power: Caring for At-Home Arrangements

With Valentine’s Day upon us, the owner of Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts, Shannon Slattery, takes us through unique ways to display fresh blooms, how to care for them and which types accentuate your home design style.

How can one use florals in unique ways in their home? Flowers truly have a way of brightening up a space and your mood! They add fragrance and are soothing to frazzled nerves. A vase of flowers is a common go-to but why not also consider using mason or jam jars, bowls, teacups, cake stands or vintage tins?

What can fresh florals add to the look and feel of a home? Fresh flowers always add a fun, unique and colorful ambience to a home whether you place them in your main living area, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. They enliven and bring beauty to any space they are displayed in. 

Are there certain florals that match certain design styles? Absolutely! Use more wildflower-type flowers that have lots of little blooms to add a whimsical vibe in a more traditional space. Bold, tropical flowers and leaves look amazing in a more contemporary setting. Roses and lilies can enliven any type of design style. 

What’s on-trend right now with floral arrangements? Flower arrangements in cake stands and compotes create a vintage feel and are extremely popular right now, as well as bouquets featuring a large succulent or two along with other flowers. Very fragrant flowers such as Oriental or Starfighter Lilies are also on-trend as they make an entire room smell heavenly!

Do you have tips or tricks for making florals last longer? Purchasing high-quality flowers from a professional florist is key. The flowers at a grocery store are not cared for properly after they have been cut and shipped from the farm, and you don’t know how long they have actually been harvested for. When you purchase from Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts, we procure our flowers straight from flower farms all over the world. They are cut and shipped to us on the same day and the flowers arrive to us in their bud forms ensuring that they last our customers as long as possible. We take great care when processing them so as not to damage them; we feed each type of flower with the exact nutrients it needs to survive and thrive for as long as possible. We store them in climate-controlled coolers which stops the aging process as well as use CO2 filters in our coolers to counteract the Ethylene gas that the flower emits when it is blooming. Our flowers typically last 10 to 20 days depending on the variety of flower and the after care given by the recipient.

In addition, after-care is critical for the longevity of your fresh-cut flower arrangement. Changing the water at least every other day, cutting the bottoms of the stems on a deep angle (so that the flowers are able to uptake the most food and water as well as not suction cup to the bottom of the vase) and using the flower food packet that you should receive from a professional florist with your arrangement are the very best ways to keep your flowers freshest longest. 

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