First-Ever Plant-Based Home Freshener

We no longer have our Christmas tree and constant train of fresh-baked cookies to keep our house smelling divine now that the holidays are over. So now what? We suggest Grow Fragrance, the first-ever home and fabric freshener that is made entirely from plants.

Best of all, toxin-free Grow is completely safe for your home and your entire family–Fido included.

But does Grow smell good? Sure does. Since Grow is made from plants, the scents are fresh and from-nature, like herbs, fruits and flowers. The scents include festive Pine Forest with Siberian fir and Canadian balsam essential oils; fall-friendly Apple Pomander with notes of fresh apple, brisk orange, cinnamon and clove; earthy Citrus Cedar made of blood orange, cedar and vetiver; fresh and airy Bamboo; and Lavender Blossom, that will have you feeling like Kate Winslet on a walk through an English garden.

Not only do we adore an eco-friendly way to freshen up our abode, but Grow donates one percent of all sales to 1% For The Planet. This pledge helps protect land, forests, rivers and oceans; it also encourages sustainable production methods. Plus, the company only partners with organizations that pay fair wages and offer good benefits.

Grow Fragrance is $12 for 5-oz. bottles.

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