Discovering the Most Popular Furniture Design Trends for Fall & Winter

By Shad Sikes

The turn of the season from fall to winter is one of the most exciting times for furniture makers like myself. Homeowners love to use the change of season and the holidays as a time to change up the interior design. One of the most obvious ways to change the look of your house is to change the furniture and Arizonans across the state are making that change. As a custom furniture maker I am seeing and crafting the most popular furniture trends and here are the most popular concepts.

Custom and minimalist furniture designs

The interior of the living room in the mid-century modern style in off-white colors with a stylish sofa, a glass table on marble legs, a pouf and a floor lamp / 3D illustration, 3d render

The last two years have made so many things in our lives more complicated and I think that has caused many homeowners to simplify the things they can control such as their home furniture. This fall we are seeing more and more homeowners asking for minimalist furniture designs. These pieces don’t need complex shapes such as crown molding with intricate features and unique color palates. Homeowners want the design of their home to speak for itself and think the furniture should be an accent to that design.

Minimal design also means furniture makers need to simplify their color schemes and build with organic materials. Homeowners are not looking for bright colors right now and would rather have a neutral-colored table or cabinet made from hardwood or concrete.

Homeowners may want minimalist designs, but that does not mean they are looking for cookie-cutter furniture. Custom furniture continues to be incredibly popular. Custom furniture allows you to purchase that simple cabinet or kitchen table while still giving your piece the uniqueness that mass-produced furniture can’t provide. Custom-made Minimalist furniture is still one of a kind since the wood grain you use for your table or cabinet is different because each piece of wood you use is unique.

People are also looking for custom furniture design in every part of the house, meaning that homeowners are mixing and matching different furniture styles instead of buying matching sets. For example, a dining room table may use different types of chairs or their couch may not match their lounge chair.  I think this trend has become so appealing to homeowners because it gives them a chance to show off their eclectic taste.

Outdoor furniture for warmer winters

One of the best things about Arizona is our mild winters. When the rest of the country goes inside to shelter from the cold we are thinking about spending a night out on the patio. Fall and winter are when a lot of Arizonans start working on their backyards so outdoor furniture is a big trend.

Outdoor dining is very popular this time of year so homeowners are looking for outdoor dining tables and furniture to create an outdoor lounge area. These lounge areas usually consist of nice outdoor chairs and a fire pit for when it gets colder.  

The key to good outdoor furniture in Arizona is finding something that is comfortable, but that can also withstand the heat come summertime. Tables and chairs made of hardwoods such as teak or oak are really popular options. You also can’t go wrong with furniture made from concrete steel. New outdoor furniture is a great way to welcome some of the mildest winters in the country.

Large wood dining tables

More and more people are beginning to feel comfortable socializing again which means dinner parties are returning. Inviting guests over for dinner means many homeowners are interested in a large dining room table. Wood tables large enough to seat six to eight people are the most popular. Like other areas of the house, homeowners are looking for minimalistic designs to match the more modern aesthetics of their homes. The tables are made of hardwoods such as Oak, walnut, or mahogany. A hardwood table is more resilient so it is best for a home that frequently entertains guests or a home with kids.

The start of fall and winter is a great time to start rethinking the look of your home and one of the best ways to do that is to change up the furniture. The minimalistic and modern looks that are so popular today will help your home stand out.

Shad Sikes is the owner of Moderne Design Studio, a full-service custom furniture manufacturer in Phoenix Arizona. Moderne Design Studio strives to provide exquisite customer pieces to homeowners, business owners, and interior designers across the country.     

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