Design Tips for the Coolest Kids Room Ever

From the addition of slides and succulents, cool prints and neon accents, Kristen Forgione of THE LifeStyled COMPANY outlines her nine fail-safe tips for creating the coolest kids space–ever!

-Work in pieces made for both littles and bigs! A mix of furniture in different size ranges will create a space they can grow with,

Something vintage! Whether it’s Grandpa’s old basketball jersey, framed in a new and modern way, or an antique toy, both young and old should be represented.

Play with lighting! Use lamps with fun lines or bases, pendants hanging from above on either side of the bed, or a huge oversized statement fixture in the center of the room. Use this opportunity to get away with lighting otherwise out of place in the rest of the home.

-Wall paper, wall treatments or wall colors–don’t forget your walls! Even in the most balanced spaces, use your walls to add depth by placing printed wallpaper or texture in wall treatments with wood or even unconventional items.

NEON! Coin your family’s favorite saying, your kids’ names or words to live by in neon. Neon can be in white as well as your favorite bold, bright hues.

Use ceiling height to your advantage by adding a slide, a loft, a climbing rope or even an indoor chair.

Use art and books geared toward a growing mind rather than something juvenile such as abstracts, desert prints, how to books or travel photography.

-Bedding! Layer that bed up by using a mix of easy solids and at least one printed textile, normally in pillow cases or bed blanket.

-Sometimes kids have the best green thumbs in the whole fam. Add easy-to-care-for indoor plants like snake plants or succulents to reduce airborn dust and improve air quality,

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