The Chicest Halloween Décor

Love Halloween but not the cheesiness of the party store décor? Now that October is here, I rounded up six of the chicest pieces to get into the spooky spirit around your home, minus the plastic spiders on bright green glow-in-the-dark cobwebs.

Spooky Vintage Bottle Candelabra


I’m a huge fan of long candlesticks in bottles—they look so cool once the burn for a while and the wax drips down the side, creating a unique candle setting. I love them even more so when they are Halloween-themed. You can create your own using some festive decorative bottles and candles, or opt for this cool bottle candelabra from Olive and Cocoa.

Over The Hill Skeleton Decanter & Glasses


No Halloween bar cart could be complete without this Skeleton Decanter set from Olive and Cocoa.

Blanc Macabre Skull Candle


Swap out your simple coffee table candle for this intricately beautiful Blanc Macabre Skull Candle from Olive and Cocoa. The floral embellishments in the ivory-colored wax will add spooky glamour to your home for Halloween.

Copper Candy Cauldron


Forget orange and black plastic candy bowls, display your Halloween treats in this chic Copper Candy Cauldron from Pottery Barn. It’s perfect for both parties and keeping candy within reach all month long.

Skull Ceramic Vase


This subtly-spooky white terra cotta skull vase is the perfect alternative to your standard vases this season. Instead of filling it with your favorite flowers, look for some interesting fall foliage at your local craft store to complete the Halloween look.

Skeleton Hand Flute


One should never be toasting champagne in a traditional flute throughout Halloween season, swap out your simple glass for these festive skeleton hand flutes. For Halloween gatherings, look for some creepy cocktail recipes to fill your glass with crazy colored drinks for your friends.

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