Bamboo Linens

One of the things I remember most about a hotel is how comfortable the bed and linens were. It’s not exactly a high-thread count Egyptian cotton, but bamboo sheets are surprisingly luxurious, affordable and can be easily incorporated into your collection of linens.

An online company headquartered in California is set to take the bed sheet market by storm. is beginning to release their brand new line of 100% bamboo bed sheets. This new product line is unique to the market because it offers 100% bamboo sheets at affordable prices, something the bamboo sheet industry has been trying to accomplish for many years.

For the last 50 years, cotton bed sheets have been what just about everyone has slept on. Sometimes people might sleep on silk sheets or Egyptian cotton sheets, but a majority of people slept on regular cotton sheets. All that is about to change. has begun offering bamboo sheets at a fraction of their normal price and empowers everyone to be able to afford the luxury of bamboo bed sheets. Customers can expect prices at discounts from 10% to nearly 88% of retail prices.

Bamboo has increased in popularity because of it’s renewable properties and quick growth. Bamboo can be clear cut and have a new forest grown in a fraction of the time that traditional tree forest would take. Bamboo also grows in climates that are damp and wet and inhibit the growth of many species of trees and plants. Bamboo has adapted to this harsh climate by developing anti-bacterial qualities. Bamboo can actually repel bugs, mold and many allergens.

In addition to the sustainability of bamboo sheets, bamboo sheets are great insulators. Their known to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer when cotton sheets would leave you sweating in bed. Many people don’t stop just at bed sheets but also like bamboo pillow cases and duvet covers.

If you’re allergic to cotton or tend to sneeze or your nose gets “stuffy” while laying in bed, bamboo sheets might be the answer. One of the reasons is the lack of chemicals needed in the transformation from bamboo plant to bamboo sheets. The fiber used in bamboo sheets is naturally soft and does not have sharp edges reducing the preparation and chemicals used in it’s production.

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